Volunteer Building Opportunities

Seeking VOLUNTEERS to help building the Carpe Diem Eco Project (http://www.carpediemecoproject.com/).
1/1/2015 Zak Kahn  writes:
Hope all of you have are doing well in 2015 so far!

I’m reaching out to let this group know about my first big cob project since finishing my time as a Cob Cottage apprentice in September. On January 12th I’ll be heading to Isla Los Brasiles on the Pacific Coast to be the “cob expert” (yikes!) for the Carpe Diem Eco Project (http://www.carpediemecoproject.com/). We’ll be constructing an eco-hostel aimed at helping the local community, teaching natural living, and creating an alternative to the standard travel hostel.

I’m beyond excited for this opportunity and wanted to say thank you for “leaving a space at the table” for new members of the natural building world. I’ve learned a great deal from so many of you and sincerely appreciate all that you’ve done to make teaching cob a real option for me. If anyone finds themselves in the area we’ve got a beautiful beach to camp on and sunshine all winter.

 Of course – if you know of folks looking for a chance to get their hands/feet dirty feel free to put them in touch with me. Lots of building to do! We’ll be down there Jan. – June and would only be asking for donations to cover food expenses.

Zak Kahn