THANKS to DONORS ~ Current & Past !

Gratitude for the MANY types of contributions made to Strawbale Studio!

Time, energy, skills & finances (Green Energy)!

re-localize, re-skill, re-connect ! 

2023 Contributors 

Generous Financial Donations:  Jack Chase, previous intern, now living & working in Vermont.  I will complete this section as I process the 2023 year! Yay!
Support folks:  Les Rogenbuck, Windrise Center folks Aimee & Michael, Gene Vilenni, Michael Mallong, Ronna Fisher, Claudia Rivera….and more to come!

2022 Contributors 

Generous Financial Support from Nancy Nordlie,  Sheryl Netsky , Robin Mallor, Michelle Lane, Dana Driscoll,  Selena Lucas, Julia Goode.  Leena Kronwetter, Sharon Saad, for their many gifts of food and support.

Assistance on-site and remotely from many, including Gene Villeni, Matthew McCoul, Puelo Beaudet, Spencer Price, Shane Norris, Levi R, Les Newman, Ronna Fisher, and many others yet to be named. Support from so many:  The Great Lakes Herb Faire, Marcie and Jared and other staff.  The Michigan Folk School, Jason Gold. Detroit Waldorf School, Justin Trombly.
And to the many others who helped on in so many ways!  I hope I can add you in as I go through my notes. Gratitude.

Gifts from  Leena Kronenwetter  Sharon Saad  and many others along the way!

2021 Contributors 

Some of the 2021 DONATIONS / Gifts / Volunteering~ a more complete list to come.


  • SEEDS non-profit, Feduciary Sponsor ~ Gratitude for the on-going support from SEEDS since 2011.

2021-2-15 Stephanie & Jim McDonald – cool stuff! down coat, sheepskin boots, herb fair backpack. expandable carrot shopping bag. bamboo utensils, black cotton mask. cloth sandwich bag.
2021-9-25-7 Paul Beaudet, Spencer, & Luke. Volunteers: Electric System – figure out. 
Wood process.on lane, Chainsaw wood and split ! Apple Harvest, brought / donated lots of food, oil ! Cleared building supplies around Middle Earth for Memorial Service!
2021          Ronna Fisher – assistance in editing and other office functions. Donations of food & other useful items to Strawbale Studio.

2021          Marcie Nido ~ occasional assistance regarding website issues!
2021          Shane Norris & Levi Ryfiak have helped on many projects at Strawbale Studio, from land clearing & Bio Char to gardening & foraging and more!
2021-9-26  Andy Bogolovsky, Visit & Volunteer,organized by Middle Earth, founder of Bog Boat Launch and Bench. Helped shovel dirt, measure for Ronnas 20 x 20′ tent. We toured his van conversion & caught up after 4 years. Plan: Meet at Green Lake to see what he might work on there.
2021          Matt McCoul & Jen helped with the BioChar burn, and Matt cleared a number of wild areas with his beloved “Bill Hook” Machete.
2021          Wonderful neighborly support from The Sullivans, Norma, Les & Elizabeth of East River Farm, Jesse, Matt McCoul.
2021-10-2  Pat Demers. Hose repair. Bought parts & fixed !
2021-10-14 Fay Hanson. Donation of Protein Shakes. Visit at FAYS after getting brakes done. She drops me off.
2021-11-3  Selena Lucas. $200 donation! + Daily Advantage supplements & food donation!
2021-11-6  Gene Vilenni – makes and installs 2 new windows on the Kids Cottage. Jacob Gnath helps.
2021-11-24 Emily Stardust. Designs / paints NEW PARKING SIGNS for SBS + cob web dusting!
2021-11-27 Jared and Marcie: squash, 2 fav organic wines!!!!
2021-11-27 Emily Eisley Cunningham – Donates Koji & teaches me how to make MISO!
2021-12-2  SEEDS of Traverse City.  Support from their non-profit to be be the Fiduciary Sponsor of Strawbale Studio.


2020 Contributors

  • SEEDS non-profit, Feduciary Sponsor ~ Gratitude for the on-going support from SEEDS since 2011.

2020 Financial Donation: Great appreciation to Fay Hanson,  Kirk Yousif, John Gumina, Lois Robbins, Selena Lucas, Uncle Mud, Dana Driscol, Carolyn Koch, Joseph Neussendorfer!  Help on the land : Paul Beaudet (and hand carved gifts, food, apple harvesting +)  Spenser Field, Shannon & Drew. Construction, support for painting, volunteering to do another “u-haul recycling/cleanup” at SBS+: Gene Vilenni, who is also making windows for the Kids Cottage & Cedar cabin at a workshop off-site. Technical editing & emotional support: Ronna Fisher. Gerry for technical support. Website tech help: Marcie Nido.  Jared & Marcie, gifts of food!  Volunteers to help buy things during covid: Amber, Gene, others. For all those who checked in to see how I was doing during Covid: Gratitude for the caring & support ! East River Farm Les & Elizabeth : neighborliness & food in exchange for help harvesting the CSA. Angela Holmes – for food contributions from her community garden and other gifts along the way! Thanks to Tom Hoyt – helping create the Stone Kiva by moving rocks into an amphitheater form.  Appreciation for dear friends who inspire and support with wisdom and love.  Thanks to those who convened monthly zoom circles that hold the communities together and provide something to look forward to:  Robin Mallor, Carolyn McDade Music folks, Thom Bond: The Compassion Community. Gratitude to Alan Haras of Hamsa Yoga, online this year! Thanks to Norma or neighborly support, Food donations, and connecting me with a solar repair guy. Thanks to Carolyn Koch for Mowing the lawns now and then, and generous financial contribution. Help with firewood processing: Joseph & Maura.  

And others I might have missed – please let me know so I can include you on this list!

2019 Contributors

  • Earth Day Helpers
    • Jared Bogdonov-Hanna, Gene Villeni, Pat Demears, Jim Bremer – Set up the Strawbale Climbing Pyramid
    • Johnnie Spezia – delivers & unloads strawbales from his farm to the Earth Day Festival
    • Jared Bogdonov-Hanna, Fay Hanson, O.U students remove bales from site and transport them for use at Oakland University Student Organic Farm, Strawbale Studio and personal gardens. Fay and Adriane bring bales up to Strawbale Studio and store them on the trailer bed on Mid Meadow. Jim Breman covers them.
    • Samad Ansari, Jacob Gnath, Michael Mallon, Jim Bremer, Gene Vilenni & dog. Help in various ways with the Strawbale Studio Exhibit Table – set up, lead activities:  earth sculpting with youth, Earth Oven Pizza, talking with Fair visitors to our booth, pack up and bring things back home. 
  • Simone & Sean Hudson, Hand-made leather apron.
  • Doug Lovelace, support with car +.
  • Fay Hanson, loan of truck,  Earth Day strawbales, general support !
  • Emily Eisley Cunningham – many gifts of fermented foods: kraut, pickled cherries ++, venison, natural tooth powder ++
  • Kayle Kusch, gift of glass canning jars.
  • Lee Padula – gift of indoor fern plant
  • Pat Demers – gifts from moms’ estate. Display board, tools, and more. Tree cutting with chain saw !  Maple Tree with Jim Bremen.  Dead trees by DB Cabin.
  • Robin Mallor & Greg Kurchevski gifted many things as they moved from their farm to VT – couch, flour grinder, blankets & more !
  • Gene Vilenni– construction projects, windows and screens in Get-Away Cabin and Kids Cottage, teaching skills to intern, music at Full Moon Potlucks. General support in many ways !
  • Jacob Gnath – the construction of a round pole frame / roof for the Outdoor Rocket Cooker, help on so many projects,
  • Gene & Jacob and many others help on the Full Moon Potlucks with fires, prep and cleanup.
  • Help and Donations at Potlucks ! So many folks help with so many things !  Occasional tours, earth oven pizza, clean up, set up, financial donations, and more!
  • Linda Jackson – donations and support !
  • Paul Angelini – extra donations to the potluck.
  • Many Folks   Gene & Jacob and many others help on the Full Moon Potlucks with fires, prep and cleanup.
  • Paul Beaudet, Spencer Field – or ganizing Red Shed, Clearing Crab Apple area, Paul, gifts of hand cut glass cups, hand-carved wooden spoons, sourkraut ferments, bread, and more ! Help with Full Moon Potluck !
  • Rich Price – help with wheelbarrow and bicycle tire fixing ! Gifting of a cutting board he made.
  • Jared Bogdonov Hanna & Marcie Nido – food they grew.  Potatoes, garlic onions !   Putting up the insulating triangle in SBS. Marci herbal gifts.  pizza in the earth oven for potluck, and more.
  • Will & Aleczandria Carter – things from their wedding here, food, snacks and more.
  • Dave & Dorinda LeFevre gave Strawbale Studio a lot of things from their barn, as they are moving ! Tools, tarps and more, and even brought over gravel & stones and filled holes in the lane !
  • Les Roganbuck & Elizabeth and East River Farm – for growing great food, (Strawbale Studio bought a CSA Share in 2019) and for plenty of “extra food” here & there.
  • Emily Brezinski “Stardust”, helps with signs, greenhouse, household.
  • Ronna Fisher – publicity editing with db. Emotional support !
  • Karen Page, publicity support encouragement with “the next step”. Support on Website, Photos & Organization.
  • Marci Nido – publicity support for postings and website!
  • Sarah Angelini –vimeo of Strawbale Studio. Film, co-edit, it goes online. 300 views first few hours ! com/372890381
  • Debbie Rowe – emotional support, encouragement, ideas.
  • Lois Robbins – ongoing emotional and financial support !
  • Tire Warehouse: Fixed wheelbarrow tire free !
  • Donation $350 from Selena Lucas for db to attend Strawbale Week ~ Andrew Morrison in Ann Arbor ! July 20 – 27, 2019 or such.
  • Stephanie McDonald. Helping with ordering online supplies.
  • Lucky’s – Mya support with SBS handouts
  • Mary Beth Stanton, Chris Walker & Yo Yarbonough, from Chicago. visit, gifts, help.
  • Sheryl Netsky. Chocolate, incense, palo santo. Brought guests to share.
  • Taran & Samit Gehlot – pepper plant & email sharing of their projects in Kenya.
  • Shannon Rau, Drew Eddy& Paul Beaudet – Further clearing of crab apple area !  Dug out roots of plants, covered with tarp !
  • Charlie the Dog – helped in various ways.
  • Jacob and Paul – clean up big-time after Dec Full Moon Potluck
  • and the many more not listed  !  Please remind me, and I’d love to add you to this list.


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