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Natural Building – Strawbale Studio

Upcoming Events

LEARNING TOUR @Strawbale Studio Apr 29, 2023 10a-12p

205 205 Strawbale Studio

See enchanting natural buildings, Rocket Stoves, Earth oven & more on beautiful wooded rural land. Ask Questions!

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LEARNING TOUR @ Strawbale Studio Apr 8, 2023 10a-12p

236 178 Strawbale Studio

Come experience enchanting natural buildings on beautiful rural wooded land & ASK Questions!

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Full MOON ZOOM ~ Jan 17, 2022

2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

Welcome to the Weave !  See you in the Zoom! During these Covid Times, we will be meeting “virtually” by Zoom for the Full Moon.  Even thought we are not…

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LEARNING TOUR of Strawbale Studio & Grounds

341 455 Strawbale Studio

On this LEARNING TOUR, see enchanting buildings with Thatched & Living roofs, plus Earth Oven, Rocket Stoves, Rumford Fireplaces .. on lovely wooded rural land. 2 hours: 10a-12p   $20  Limit 6…

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July 2020 Internship Week 1 ACTIVITIES

2324 1458 Strawbale Studio

JULY 2020 WEEK 1 ~ Internship ACTIVITIES & PHOTO ALBUM Within these “covid times” there is an engaging internship here at Strawbale Studio with ONE intern, Jack Chase. We have…

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Thatching & Reed Collection – hands-on basics.

1065 599 Strawbale Studio

Thatching & Reed Collection – the Basics ! Feb 29 & March 1, 2020 9:30a to 5:00p Saturday & Sunday Yes ! Thatching in Michigan ! Explore this beautiful, ecological,…

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EARTH PLASTER & Sculpting Workshop

2448 3264 Strawbale Studio

EARTH PLASTER & SCULPTING    Feb 1 & 2,  2020.  Saturday & Sunday  Sun 9:30 – 5p  Two-Day Class.  Hands-on ~  Apply Earth Plaster … and try your hand at…

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Strawbale Build with Andrew Morrison. Selena Lucas home in Ann Arbor

Strawbale House Build in Ann Arbor ~ led by Andrew Morrison

222 149 Strawbale Studio

July 21 – 27, 2019 was an adventurous week doing straw bale infill construction on the new home of Selena Lucas outside Ann Arbor, Michigan .  Andrew Morrison was the…

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How Sustainable!

4608 3456 Strawbale Studio

Blog by Intern Eben Gardener for the week of MAY 6, 2019 Hello Strawbalers! And welcome back to another post from Strawbale Studio. It has been a while since we…

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2019 Winternship – guest blogger, Rob Zverina

1065 599 Strawbale Studio

The 2019 Winternship was awesome, with wonderful intern and weekend workshop participants.   Here is a sense of it through the eyes of Rob Zverina who attended with his wife…

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