Strawbale Studio Wish List

A Wish List for the Strawbale Studio

Natural Building & Sustainable Skills Educational Program


  • Volunteers

Increase outreach and programming by helping in any of these areas:

data entry, office management, coordination of programming, assistance during activities, hands-on construction, grounds upkeep and beautification, and gardening.

A volunteer day can be established if there is interest.


  • Monetary Donations

Tax deductible monetary contributions will support programming & activities, training & internships, publicity, exhibits and presentations.


  • Service Donations

Printing and website development will increase education to a larger audience. Copies of existing handouts are needed.

Wood Cutting – occasional chain-saw work is awesome.

Plumbing and electrical repairs are needed !


  • Supplies

New or used: Compact LED Projector for computer Powerpoint Presentations, with ability to make daylight presentations.

Received !  Donation made by Kirk Yousif in 2020: New or used laptop computer for intern use. Thanks Kirk !


  •  Other thoughts?  You may see a need, or have a skill not listed above !