Strawbale Studio Party Nov 15, 2014 !

                         **** CELEBRATION PARTY ! ****


        November 15,2014   Saturday, 7p at the  Strawbale Studio, Oxford, MI

Come & Celebrate !

Come & Celebrate !


         7P  Celetic & World Music by Greenfire Trio
followed by Snacks & Socializing  

                    RSVP to Deanne   How to get here. 


* Celebrate “Regeneration” in our community and at the Strawbale Studio
* Honor folks who have contributed this season to Strawbale Studio
*  Check out the progress on the Compost Furnace !
      See what the temperatures are in the compost pile.
*  Enjoy Potluck food and libations….in a candlight setting !
*  Fundraise for the Compost Heating System !


Food & Libations

Greenfire Trio

Greenfire Trio !



This will be a mellow evening among friends new and old, to enjoy some awesome music, munch on food and just hang out in this special setting, co-created by so many.


Pex tubes embeded in the benches & floor will transfer hot water from the heat of decomposition in the HUGE 15 X 20′ Compost Pile outside the Studio ! Lots of folks have come to help construct this pile.


DONATIONS are also appreciated IF YOU WISH  ~ in the form of money, HORS D’OEUVRES, juice or wine ~ Party Prep or Cleanup ~ or a PLEDGE to volunteer in the future.
Some of you have already donated lots of time & effort.  You know who you are ! So Please just come and enjoy the party ! 

 Help fund the Compost Furnace Experiment.     Ideas:
     $375 will pay for the Pump & Plumbing
     $225 will pay for monitoring equipment to track the heat produced
      $160  will cover the transportation costs of donated hay & sawdust
       $80  will cover the cost of 10 yards of horse manure 
        $20  will buy 40 feet of pex tubes or 65 feet of drain pipe
          $5-10  will cover some of the pipe fittings &  hey, every little bit helps !
  • Donate through Pay Pal     This is a gift, but not tax deductible.
  • A check to Strawbale Studio or Deanne Bednar.  Mail to P.O. Box 733, Oxford, MI   Not tax-deductible.

Watering the Feedstock (biomass) in the Compost Heater.

Watering the Feedstock (biomass) in the Compost Heater.          

RSVP to Deanne.  And if you are planning to donate time or money, indicate that.  Click on the link, or contact:, text at 248 496 4088, or message at 248 628 1887 with name, phone, email & any other details.
What about The Compost Furnace? The biomass pile is complete; the pex tubes are in the floor and in the compost pile.  Yet needed is the pumping system and monitors to circulate the hot water generated by decomposition in the pile through the floor and benches of the Strawbale Studio. Due to the schedule of the plumbers willing and able to install the system, it will get connected the later part of November.  During the party a Thermometer with a 4ft probe will show the temps in the pile, if all goes as planned !

 We will be celebrating the ways that sustainability has been explored within our community and here at the Strawbale Studio ~ as we, together, are co-creating a groovy and more interconnected way of life  Bring an idea of how regeneration has happened in some aspect of your life or community.

Contribute as you can.  Support  the costs of the new Compost Furnace if you wish. Those of you who have helped as volunteers, etc. during the year, just come !.
Bring some finger food and libations to share if you are able.
In any case, the Strawbale Studio will be warmed by the woodstove and pre-heated by a Torpedo Heater with 100,000 btu’s ! So we will be cozy. 
                                                        RSVP to Deanne   How to get here.