Strawbale Studio

Natural Building & Sustainable Living Skills

STRAWBALE / COB BENCH- Collaboration between RCAH/MSU & Peckham of E. Lansing

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Bench Making from natural materials ! This project is a  collaboration of Steve Baibaks art studio at the Residential College of Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University. East Lansing,…

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How to Host an Authentic Weekend

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Blog by Intern, Eben Gardener:  Hello Strawbalers! Another authentic weekend has passed for us here at the Strawbale Studio to reminisce. After the Foraging Workshops we ask:  How do you…

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How Sustainable!

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Blog by Intern Eben Gardener for the week of MAY 6, 2019 Hello Strawbalers! And welcome back to another post from Strawbale Studio. It has been a while since we…

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Detroit Waldorf School ~ 3rd Grade Fieldtrip

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This awesome group of 20 students and 8 parents came to experience Strawbale Studio in preparation for their own building of an outdoor earth bench at the Detroit Waldorf School! …

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Fermenting Fun !

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Magical Food Preservation ! 1-5p March 23,& March 24, 2019. Kraut and Kim Chi with lots of chopping & Butter-making with lots of shaking ! What a wonderful time… as…

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Foraging Instincts – Welcome to the Weave

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  Oooh, I am starting to get “spring fever” — cleaning things that didn’t matter to me during the winter — observing the buds on the maple trees and mulberry…

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February 2019 ~ Writings: Conscious Connections

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BRIGHT SHADOW:I’m thinking of the time when I was expressing love, appreciation, to Alan, Yoga teacher, for who he is and what he brings and embodies. In response he shared…

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2019 Winternship – guest blogger, Rob Zverina

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The 2019 Winternship was awesome, with wonderful intern and weekend workshop participants.   Here is a sense of it through the eyes of Rob Zverina who attended with his wife…

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2018 REPORT & PHOTOS ~ Strawbale Studio

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Enter the Hobbit Sauna 2018 REPORT & PHOTOS ~ Strawbale Studio Discover the activities and pictures from 2018, a year of many adventures. A building project in Elkhart, Indiana, an…

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Great Lakes BIONEERS Detroit

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Friday November 2 & 3, 2018 Bioneers (biological pioneers) is an annual conference, a movement and a way of life! National BIONEERS is in its 29th year and Great Lakes…

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