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My Fellow Interns

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2020-7 Week One, Blog Post 3 by Jack Chase – My Fellow Interns My Fellow Interns A blog post by Jack Chase Is a plant any less alive than a…

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Foraging is Permaculture

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Foraging Is Permaculture A blog post by Jack Chase  July Internship – Week 1 Thank you for happening upon this blog and for reading this post. This post describes the…

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Get Horizonal !

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(photo of Jack in his hammock!) 2020-7 Week 1 Blog Posts by new intern, Jack Chase: Get Horizontal! A blog post by Jack Chase Thank you for happening upon this…

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The Full Moon Potluck carried on in solidarity with our full moon in the sky !  Ah ! In April we met virtually, “in spirit”.  Notice in the photo ~…

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GLOBAL ECOVILLAGE Project with Upland Hills School

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The Global EcoVillage Project is a design process to imagine and make a drawing or model of a community that is ECOLOGICAL and FUN. A group of Upland Hills students explored this process during 4 sessions in May, as part of their “at home” & online learning.

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Fermentation Class at Lyons Library

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Details Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 1 PM EST – 2:30 PM EST Lyon Township Public Library Public · Hosted by Lyon Township Public Library and LTPL Grows Learn how…

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2020 WINTERNSHIP at Strawbale Studio

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The Wintership was a wonderful & rich time for the Wintern and also the participants who attended the weekend Workshops: Jan 11 & 12, 2020  Thatching & Reed Collection      …

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20 Most Important Things (a work in progress)

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I was asked by Matt McCoul, “What are the 20 things I think are most important?” I found that to be an inspiring question – do-able in size. Perhaps you…

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Thanks to 2019 + Past Donors

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 Gratitude to those who contributed to Strawbale Studio , . . . . . with time, energy, skills, and finances ! Gratitude for the MANY types of support that help…

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Getting Natural

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I have been reflecting on what simple, enjoyable things can help make a place, a home “more natural”.  Last year a fellow attended the Earth Plaster & Sculpting Workshop, and…

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