ROUND POLE FRAMING & Timber Framing Resources

ROUND POLE FRAMING & Connecting Techniques at Strawbale Studio

There are many special things about round pole framing, especially a sense of “connection” to the entire process ~ from felling the tree, de-barking, planning and making notches, carving pins and assembling the framing.  Because of the irregularity of each piece of wood, there is also a need for “understanding” the properties of the wood, and how to have these irregular pieces come together, “flat to flat”, with strong, structural joints.  Quite a process.  I love it.  I can also see why folks went to flattening the whole timber ( timber framing) and invented “dimensional lumber” that is machine milled to a specific size, like 2×4″.  Enjoy the slide show and the many resources below the slideshow to connect you with this process.  The basics are taught during internships and also offered to the public  1-2 day-long classes.  Check our Calendar, apply for an internship, or contact Deanne if you would like to attend a session.

Timber framing Resources

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Tara and Tyler hosted a Round Pole Framing workshop at there Vermont property

Past Round Pole Framing Classes at Strawbale Studio

Blog on Round Pole Workshop by Kirsten Pope.

July Intensive – ID cabin

Lashing . How to tie poles together with rope, cording or rawhide!
Girlscouts. Sketch, description, video.  Also pics of projects like “outdoor kitchen”.


Reflections from a past student:  Well, I know what craft projects I want work on next.
In order: finish up my friend’s Rune bag, make a simple wooden hammer, make a stitching pony, and then making a shave horse.
I fell in love with shaving horses when I used one with Deanne Bednar’s roundwood timber framing weekend workshop, and it is beyond time I made one. Likewise, we learned how to make simple wooden mallets from a single decent sized tree at that workshop. Sarahstill has hers. I’ve seen the stitching pony on a lot of professional leatherworker videos and rather than shuck out money I want to see if I can level up my woodworking skill and make my own. The best part about most of these is they use very little in the way of material and go a long way to making better wood and leather products.  TS








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