Projects & Worktrade 2017


        PROJECTS 2017

  • Strawbale Studio – Finish Floor, Oil on Benches, Oil logs,  Restore surfaces: Earth Plaster on exterior, details on interior. Fix interior roof.  Finish lower earthen floor. Decide what to do with the Compost Furnace system. Contact Derek at WMU.
  • Hobbit Sauna – Exterior: Finish Living Roof details, finish Earth Plasters and sculptures, Earth Floors, Wood Rounds Floor, make wooden benches for sauna, wooden door. Frame in all windows & openings.
  • Identity Cabin – Strawbale & Hybrid Wall Systems, Shake Roof on East, Window Wall on South – find, buy, frame, seal windows. Flooring – replace as needed.  Screens – door and roll-up side walls on East Porch.  Possible: Loft, Ladder, Band Shell from paper mache.
  • Kids Cabin – Rocket Stove Mass Heater – complete construction of combustion unit, bench, and exhaust pipes.  Insulate exterior pipe. Finish Plasters, Earthen Floor & floor insulation.Site Drainage & Beauty.  Stone Wall- finish stonework & insulation. Install new windows made by Gene.
  • Spiral Chamber: Jack up E side – repair foundation, fix plasters as necessary.  Re-grade for water flow away from building.
  • Gardens –  Agro Forest areas – mulch & label Permaculture Plants.  Hay Bale Gardening – get bale, place & plant them in North Garden.   Green House – add compost, plant.  Possibly Ginger, Tumeric,  other TBD.  Plan Winter Greenhouse –  plants & schedule.   Option for Aug / Sept – a workshop on Winter Greenhouses with Jared. 
  • Design Charettes for West Wing Loft and Wood heat to main house.
  • Compost Furnace System –  dismantle exterior parts. Tarp the pile, create a garden with the soil. Explore what to do with antifreeze and interior pump area.
  • Woodshed – Finish living roof details & add support posts.
  • Hops Trellis – add beautiful forages poles for support, bench construction.
  • A-Frame Woodshed by SBS – finish Thatching.