Natural Cottage Project

The Natural Cottage Project is  an ongoing series of workshops taught by a collaboration of four instructors.  The workshops are created to give do-it-yourselfers of all ages and skill-levels the expert coaching and hands-on experience they need to tackle projects of their own, from thatching to timber-frame to cob to earthen plasters and floors. Come join us for a great adventure into your own capabilities and creativity!

Christina Ott, Deanne Bednar, Chris McClellan, and Sarah Highland first met at the Natural Building Colloquium East where we all were teachers.   We realized that we could offer a unique combination of skills if we joined together to teach – and that we enjoyed working together.   So the Natural Cottage Project was born.  Sarah Highland who is now  a full time boat-building instructor in Maine, continues to help with planning & design,  and we  hire a local wood person to actually teach that component of the workshop.  See upcoming events at  Natural Cottage