Aug 7 – 13th, 2016

IMG_0002This is a one week immersion in living and learning in community. You will get a chance to learn the basics of a natural building skills on existing building and demonstration stations. This course will include hand-on training as well as classroom presentations on essential building considerations.


* earth plasters, finish plaster, earth floors, &  sculpting: learn how to find, identify, harvest, mix and apply plasters in various setting.
*  round poles framing: how to harvest, prepare, notch & lash round poles for building small structures.
*  strawbale walls systems and building walls with cob
* thatching with phragmite reed grass.  How to design a thatched roof. Demonstration, some hands-on.

This is an exceptional opportunity to get training in such a wide range of skills, in an environment that includes Rocket Stoves, Earth Ovens & more.


** Living Roof Woodshed. Round pole with wooden pins.

CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS (shade-tree sessions) and on-site examples include:

* Living Roof Systems
* Earth Oven & Rocket Stoves
* Site & Building Design
* Foundation & Drainage essentials.
* Code and Officials. Chris McClellan will be skyped in for a classroom session




The Strawbale Studio is located on 50 acres of trees & meadows

The setting is the lovely Strawbale Studio land, wooded and rural, 1 hour north of Detroit Michigan.  There will be a limit of  15 participants.

Facilities: Camping on the land is part of the course cost, and some indoor spaces may be available for a fee.

Vegetarian food will provide a healthy and tasty aspect to each day.  Participants are asked to contribute 1 hour a day toward infrastructure, such as food prep, etc.

Fee $650 paid in full by July 12th, and $750 thereafter.  Discounts for groups. Several 1/2 pay Worktrade positions available.  Registration  

Questions / contact Deanne   248 496 4088 cell/ text or  ecoartdb at

Click here for an example of a 2015 Intensive from last year.  We had a great time and a lot of skills were learned !

cob wall and arch form

cob wall and arch form

mixing cob

mixing cob


Cooking on the Outdoor Rocket Cooker. Other cooking devices on site include the Earth Oven, Solar Cooker and Haybox Cooker.

food and folks

food and folks