Local Food – Resources

How to grow food

Transforming Communities with Locally Grown Food . Growing food in cold climates.


Learn about Local Food

Locavore Eating!  Learning to eat locally, save energy, and support local economy.

Food among the ruins . Detroit grows food.

 Michigan Young Farmer Coalition .


Local Food Growers

Pick your own local food


Local Harvest . Locate local foods and farms in your area!

Halfway Point Farm . Almont, MI. Sells their own maple syrup, honey, lumber, windows. Keller Family.

Maple Creek CSA Farm . Community Supported Agriculture !  Buy a share, get fresh local food each week.

Three Roods Farm in Columbiaville, MI .   Awesome CSA, local eggs, checken and lamb for sale.

The Lazy Gardener .  Local farming guys!

UpNorth Foodies . Northern Michigan Organic folks

Local Food Conference. February 8, 2007 in Lansing: Michigan Land Use Institute’s upcoming “Seeds of Prosperity conference” features the latest on local food; its economic, health, and environmental benefits.

The Henry Ford Museum, in Dearborn, now serves patrons of their reconstructed, 1850s-era pub the same menu its original customers enjoyed with 70 percent of the museum’s food comes from local sources! http://mlui.org/farms/fullarticle.asp?fileid=17091

Local Honey, Almont, MI . Golden Harvest Apiaries


Regional Food

Hand-harvested Seaweed for sale . A worker-owned co. that sustainably harvests off the Maine coast.

The Ann Arbor Food Coop . Such a sweet place, in an old building, human scale, with an attached cafe. Yum.

“Mind Body & Spirits” Restaurant. AWESOME local organic food, recycles, geothermal energy, greenhouse +

Native Seed Sources .


Growing, harvesting, foraging.

We can grow our own food .  Seed Catalogues, Seed Savers, Heirloom, Native seeds.

Heirloom Organics . Information on how to plant, purchase, etc.

MidWest Permaculture .  Creating permanent gardens and communities based on nature.

Read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”, by Barbara Kingsolver.

Spin Farming . Learn to make significant income on under 1 acre.

Beginning Farmers .  A website, and resource for farmers, researchers and policy makers.

Perrenial Plants .

Soil .

Dirt ! the movie.

Yardening .  Be the Change. Clover Lawns .

Tips on Transplanting .  By Deanne…things to pay attention to.

Organic Consumers Association .

Heirloom seeds & Michael Pollen video on the Omnivores Dilema 2 .

Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Services

Transitioning to Organic .

Cover Crops – buckwheat .

Rodale Institute .

Dirtworks.com . Order organic seeds

Rent a Farmer

Abundant Sucession .  An evolving website about permaculture in the Detroit area.

Pruning apple trees .  And other fruits. Includes pictures

Women Ecopreneurs .  In farming & Health.


Chickens !

Ann Arbor City Chickens  .  Website and Chicken Video ! Fun and inspiring 1


Foraging for food & medicinal plants.

Plant and Tree Identification .

Seed Savers Exchange.  Help save ancient strains of seeds by growing plants & saving seeds to share.

Local Mushroom Identification .

Articles on wild cultivated plants in the midwest.

Plants for a Future . Foraging, Medicinals, loads of info.

Fungi for BioRemediation .  Paul Stammitz

Worm Composting .

Wild and cultivated plants of the midwest .  A collection of articles.

Michigan Herbalist, Jim McDonald. Inspired information and classes on herbs.

Conversations on herbalism .

New Culture Earth Skills Website on wilderness skills & more by Jason Hogans of Ann Arbor.

Making homes for pollinating BEES.


Info-Tafeln stellen die Wildbienen-Arten vor Information panels are the Wildbienen-species




Permaculture. A design science based on nature which integrates food, energy, economic systems.

Instructor, Penny Livingston on GlobalOneness. A  very inspiring 3 minute permaculture video.

Permaculture ~ short videos.  Natural Design for agriculture, housing and economics.

Permaculture Herb Spiral and Sheet Mulch Video .

Sheet Mulch garden video .

How to Nurture Ourselves .   Auroville, India.  Seed Savers, Solar Energy …

Permaculture Bed & Breakfast in Canada.  Good info on natural living.

Fungus can help save the world .   Paul Stammits, TED talks.

No-Till Gardening.  Fukuoka the French Way

Urban Permaculture Guild !  Great site! ! !

Tony Randall’s Permaculture Farm in Pinckney, MI


Preserving & preparing food .

Local Food & preservation .  Including Fermenting and Root Cellars

wn food . Links to finding local food, preserving, and lots of food information.

Fermented Foods. Healthy, nutritious, traditional.

Eating soy only as a fermented product .  Tempe, miso are best. naturalnews.com

Wild Fermenting ~ Sauer Kraut.

Kefir  A fermented food similar to yoghurt.

Eco Friendly Cookies.

Bread Recipe. From Henna Joan

Drying Food . Solar Dehydrators, make your own.

Canning Foods – Spaghetti sauce plus

Video on how to pickle olives .  A ferment, really. Easy.