Internship Application Form

Application Form

It would be useful for you to read over the entire Internship page to see if the activities and expectations fit for you. 

Please email your response to the following questions to Deanne at  Feel free to contact me phone as well: 248 236 5432

  1. Todays’ date and your name, address, phone and email.
  2. Why do you want to take this training and how do you plan to integrate or use these skills?
  3. What length of time, and which time period (dates) might you be interested in / which program?
  4. There are several spaces available in each category. Are you applying as an Intern ($850/mo = room, board, all natural building skills / sustainable skills & workshops or 1/2 pay Worktrader ($425 per month = same as intern but 1/2 the fee, plus 10 hr extra hours a week toward infrastructure*) .Another option, Wwoofer / Worktrader monts are available occasionally (No fee, 25 hrs / week help with the Infrastructure (*office, garden, grounds, maintenance, workshop prep) in exchange for room, board, and several sustainable skill trainings/week, such as spoon carving, cording, lashing, fermenting.  Worktrade is not available during the Winternship, nor during Internship months or intensive 2 week courses.
  5. Your age  (and a photo would be great to help me more clearly remember you)
  6. Mode of transportation (car? bus/train, etc)
  7. A formal or informal resume
  8. Three references (at least one of them, a “work” reference from an employer, teacher or internship host).

Please include the Name of reference:

Your relationship to the reference:

Their phone:

Their email:

Step 1 – Email your application to Deanne. (you can also talk with Deanne by phone before and/or after you send in the application).
Step 2 – References will be contacted.
Step 3 –  Deanne will contact you & you can ask any further questions 🙂
Step 4 – If you are accepted in the program –  you can complete the process by sending in your payment (Internship & 1/2 Pay Worktraders).

Payment information is on the Registration page.

Upon arrival at Strawbale Studio you will be asked to sign an emergency form & waiver

I look forward to hearing from you,

Deanne Bednar
248 496 4088

PO Box 733, Oxford, MI 48371