Interns 2014

Jan 5, 2014 – Feb  5, 2014  Winternship

Projects in the kitchen

Jimez Whitehead

Kirstin Pope (Kirstin’s Cob Cafe)

 Zack – studied with the Cob Cottage Company, loves reed and thatch & whittling.

Ben Suydam

Reed Collecting – Winterns & class participants Michelle, Brooke, Steven, Micah, Sue

Jimez Whitehead

Brooke and Steve from Grand Rapids came to all 4 of the Winternship Workshops ! They want to start an Ecovillage.

Scott Van Sice on the bottom. Acrobatic Yoga.

Zack, Scott, Ben

Ben experiments with maple bark.

  Winterns 2014 Zack Ja, Jimez Whitehead, Ben Suydam, Scott Van Sice, Kirstin Pope