• DAY 1   You can arrive any time the DAY OF the Worktrade or Internship month.  Arrive, settle in, set up your bed, your space, check things out!  Get some down-time after your travel. Rest & renewal!
    • Day 2 Breakfast at 9 am.  ORIENTATION AT 10 am.  We will go over the orientation information on our flow, schedule, worktrade, activities, household, see the


    • 248 496 4088 cell phone, text, calls, messages. 
    • 2691 Noble Rd. Oxford, MI 48370
    • If you are coming by CAR:
      • Park in the first meadow on the right, or bring your car up to the main house (follow signs) to unload and then repark in the first meadow.
      • Note: if the weather is icy or deep snow, let’s talk before you arrive.
    • If you need a PICK UP.
      • Let me know if you need a pickup and we will coordinate that. Perhaps you can coordinate rides or pickups at airport/train/bus with others who are coming !
      • If your plans change let me know by text preferably, or phone message,/ email. 


    • Provided will be a basically local & organic vegetarian fair (veggies, rice, beans, soup).  Fermented foods will be made while you are here such as sauerkraut and sourdough wraps. 
    • Occasionally folks eat meat.  We may share the costs beyond one meat meal per week. There is a local organic farm down the road, owned friends of mine.
    • You are welcome (but not required!)  to bring some food from home to supplement our meals:  peanut butter, potatoes, etc.
    • Optional: Bring special food if you want.   You can label it and keep it for yourself, or share.


    • There are several places to stay.  The MAIN HOUSE is our central living & cooking place. It is a 2400 sq foot house,
    • There are two sleeping wings, each with a full bath, and multiple beds, like a dorm room.
    • There is a utility room with a Washing machine, a kitchen/gathering space with refrigerator, stove, sink, tables, couches. WIFI yes, and moderate phone reception.
    • Cat & Dust Allergies:  In 2023 there are currently 2 indoor/outdoor cats that live here.  If you are allergic to cats or DUST we need to talk about that. 🙂  It has not worked out well for folks in previous Winternships since we are indoors a lot.  There may be some options that would work. Contact me and let’s talk.


    • April through October:  Bring a variety of layers and prepare to be outside for hours at a time.  Wool is great.  Perhaps a swim suit.
    • Winternship: Winter Wear:  Be ready to be outdoors for several hours at a time in cold weather. Bring snow pants, or insulated pants or coveralls if you have them….or some layers like 2 pair of sweat pants….warm socks, warm and waterproof boots if you can.  Snowmobile boots are quite warm. Loose & insulated boots keep feet warm.  Wool is always awesome & warm.  Wool sweaters, gloves, socks, layers.  It may rain, so rain gear is good.  I have some rain ponchos here, but bring your own if you can. We won’t reed collect in the rain, but we might be outside, getting from one building to another.
    • Bedding & Toiletries:  Bring bedding & towels if you can. If not, I can provide them, no problem.  There are sheets and pillows, blankets, etc here if you want to use them.
      If you bring your own towels and bedding / sleeping bag, it is easy to just take them home. If you used the bedding & towels here, plan to wash and return them to the room you stayed in.
      At the end of your stay clean the bedroom and bathroom nicely for the next folks.  Much appreciated.
    • Optional Camping:  You might want to camp part or all of the time.  There are lots of places on the land.  Bring a tent for yourself if you want to camp. Bring your own sleeping gear if you can.  If not, there are sleeping bags here, and some mats.


      • Bring Flashlight and a water bottle
      • Safety glasses and work gloves if you have them.
      • Notebook if you can.
      • It would be ideal to  label your things with your name, using tape & marker
      • Optional:   sketches or designs for any upcoming projectsearth subsoil from your land to test.  Camera, computer. musical instruments!,
      • Please do not bring drugs or alcohol. I feel protective of Strawbale Studio and want everyone to feel safe on site. There is occasional beer or wine imbibed.
      •  Most of all, bring your …. Joy of Learning, good listening & sharing skills, and open heart.  🙂
  • Further reading:
    • The Hand-Sculpted House book is a good  resource. Deep.  
    • Also Building Green, Snell. Broad. These books are also in the library here.
  • Here are some things that you might want to check out…


Welcome to the Weave!
I look forward to your arrival & seeing you soon ! 

Warmly,   Deanne


Deanne Bednar

(248) 496 4088