Forest Stewardship Class

This informative 2 – part Class will be held on the Strawbale Studio land & adjoining parcel.

                         October 10th & 17th, 2015 ~  9:30a to 5p

FOREST STEWARDSHIP Plan Development Workshops     2-part series

Session 1:   October 10th   9:30 a to 5p 
Session 2:  October 17th   9:30 a to 5p
Instructor: Rick McAvinchey Forester & Wildlife Biologist ~ held at Strawbale Studio, outside Oxford, MI.
This Series is for Forest owners & their families !  Learn principles and skills from an expert to help you steward your own land.  Learn how to create a long-term plan to meet your forest management goals. Goals might include planning for timber management, wildlife habitat management, recreation, soil and water protection, and other values, depending on the property and the landowner’s interests.   Learn, and enjoy being in the forest!


  1. Pre-registered participants will receive by email or post a package of information to familiarize them with the Forest Stewardship Program, the elements of a forest stewardship plan, benefits of having a stewardship plan, and a brief description of the 50-acre Strawbale Studio property.
Day 1  October 10, 2015 ~  During the first workshop participants will become more familiar with forest management planning, and will assist forester Rick McAvinchey in sampling the trees in the various stands throughout the property. There will be some instruction in using aerial photos and compass to navigate around the property.  Tree, shrub and smaller plant identification will be a large part of this sampling process.

Day 2 ~ October 17th, 2015  During the second workshop we will take the tree data gathered in the first workshop, and begin to plug that information into a forest management plan for the property.  We will discuss how to develop silvicultural prescriptions for the different forest types, how to modify timber production prescriptions to improve habitat for wildlife and to accommodate threatened or endangered species, and how to protect streams, lakes and wetlands during timber harvest operations.  If time allows we will schedule recommended activities over the next decade or longer within the plan.

Following:  All participants will receive an executive summary of the Strawbale Studio stewardship plan, when it is finished.  Should participants choose to employ Rick to develop a forest stewardship plan for their forest property, they will receive a 30 percent reduction in their cost for their plan, within a year after the workshops.
Contribution: Attend both workshops for a suggested sliding scale of $100-150 for one family member, $60.00 for an additional family member.  This price allows you to attend both Oct 10th and Oct 17th. Some worktrade and scholarships available.
Registration & logistics
Bring your own bag lunch and dress for the weather.  We will be outside much of the day. Perhaps a notebook and camera.
Background of Instructor:
Rick McAvinchey has been a Forester and Wildlife Biologist for over 25 years and has wealth of knowledge to share.  He is also trained in Aikedo, and is a fire fighter, called upon during national need has recently returned from fire duty out West.