MAY 28,  2017      Sunday  2-6p

DSCF4391Have an enchanting day in the outdoors for children & adults alike!
Learn about natural building & sustainability by touring the grounds… and having hands-on interactions with nature.

The tour:  There are several enchanting structures on the land…thatched strawbale cottages, the Hobbit Sauna with its green living roof, the Smiling Sun Earth Oven, the sculpted Rocket Stove Heated Bench and more !

Hands-on Activities: During the day you can make an earth sculpting mix out of local soil, create a fairy house or built a stick fort . Several other fun and practical skills will be taught such as how to move a log with ropes and team support.

Bring a Picnic mid-day snack, that you can eat by the waterfall or bonfire.

Check out the list below***.

Fee (Green Energy Exchange ! )
Adult $30  Youth $15.
Early Bird Discount by May 14 $5 off each person. Family Rates.
Limit of 15 folks. Register now ?

***Other opportunities for Adventure….
Contact Deanne to schedule a date for  your class, scout troop or special collection of young folks  !  We can do the tour and fairy house plus several of the other events.
Pizza in the Earth Oven !
Find and create a walking stick!
Explore the Faux Stone Waterfall!
Have a bonfire in the stone fire pit!
Learn to cord with local dog bane plant!
Learn how to carry a big log together with ropes!
Find sticks and build a lean-to “tree fort” in the woods!
Walk the trail back to the swamp and see the really big tree!
Gather stones and make a special stone circle out in the woods!
Make a little brick Rocket Cook Stove out of bricks and fire it up !
Climb ladders and check out the lofts in the Strawbale Studio and Hobbit Sauna!