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Attend one or both Workshops !  Attend one or both days.

July 14   Sunday  9:30a – 5p  STRAWBALE BASICS  & EARTH PLASTER

This class is a combination of classroom discussion & hands-on experiences.

  • Introduction Class on basics of Strawbale Construction
  • Make custom bales,
  • Stack & stabilize a small strawbale wall system
  • Learn to locate and identify materials for earth plaster:
  • Mix and apply a base “push coat”, “body coat” and finish coat to the strawbales.
  • Try your hand at a bottle wall


Consider attending the Earth Oven Workshop the day before on Sat. July13 !  See Below.  


July 13 Saturday 9:30a – 7p  EARTH OVEN BUILD & Pizza in the Earth Oven

Enjoy a day on the land at Strawbale Studio, and get hands-on experience in the stages of constructing a model Earth Oven ! 

  • See several Earth Oven and Rocket Stoves on-site at Strawbale Studio
  • Understand the design principles of a basic Earth Oven
  • Learn to locate clay-sand subsoil
  • Mix and apply oven mud to create a 1/2 scale earth oven model
  • Experience making the insulation layer mix
  • Apply a finish plaster to a cob brick you can take home
  • Make PIZZA !  Learn how to fire up the Smiling Sun Earth earth oven & bake your own pizza !

Consider also attending the Workshop on Sunday:  Strawbale & Earth Plaster ! 

Attend ONE Day (Sat or Sunday)   $60* / $ 70   Regular / Bring-a-Friend Discount

Attend BOTH Days  (Sat & Sunday) $40 */ $50 per person per day.  Regular / Bring-a-Friend Discount

Includes simple vegetarian food !  Free Lunch & Pizza supper on Saturday, and Free Lunch on Sunday.

REGISTRATION for Earth Oven Workshop July 13

REGISTRATION for Strawbale and Earth Plaster Workshop July 14

Option: Stay overnight Saturday 
* Free Camping & breakfast
* Indoor accommodations in a dorm setting + breakfast. $15 paid at door. When you register there is a form where you can indicate you want an overnight stay.


July 14, 2019
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
$40 – $70