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BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//Strawbale Studio - ECPv6.2.2.1//NONSGML v1.0//EN CALSCALE:GREGORIAN METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME:Strawbale Studio X-ORIGINAL-URL:https://strawbalestudio.org X-WR-CALDESC:Events for Strawbale Studio REFRESH-INTERVAL;VALUE=DURATION:PT1H X-Robots-Tag:noindex X-PUBLISHED-TTL:PT1H BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:UTC BEGIN:STANDARD TZOFFSETFROM:+0000 TZOFFSETTO:+0000 TZNAME:UTC DTSTART:20220101T000000 END:STANDARD END:VTIMEZONE BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=UTC:20220117T200000 DTEND;TZID=UTC:20220117T220000 DTSTAMP:20230928T201641 CREATED:20220113T083730Z LAST-MODIFIED:20220113T083730Z UID:9888-1642449600-1642456800@strawbalestudio.org SUMMARY:Full MOON ZOOM ~ Jan 17\, 2022 DESCRIPTION:Welcome to the Weave !  See you in the Zoom!\nDuring these Covid Times\, we will be meeting “virtually” by Zoom for the Full Moon.  Even thought we are not there in person\, we can connect to the energy of the evening & each other.  It’s a time to connect\, to share what’s inspiring us\, our latest projects & ideas. You are welcome to the Weave!\n(P. S. In the spring in-person full moon will be reassessed \n\n\n8-10pm  on the following dates:  You can mark your calendar )\nJanuary 17\, 2022 Monday\nFebruary 16\, 2022 Wednesday\nMarch 18\, 2022 Friday\nApril 16\, 2022 Saturday \n\nJoin the listserve for the zoom link !  \n\nOUR ZOOM SCHEDULE will be something like this: \n\n\n\n\n7:45 p             Get ready Be cozy and comfortable\, perhaps have a hand-craft project or cup of tea? You can come into the “waiting room”.\n8:00 p             The Zoom OPENS and we begin with Greetings & viewing of a 3 min. video about Strawbale Studio\n8:15 p – 9:00  “What’s Alive in You”. A 5 min.’ish Go-Around Sharing.\n9:00 p – 9:10    Brief Break\n9:00 p – 10:00  What’s INSPIRING for you at this time:\nSharing a sustainability practice\, a Project\, a song or your art work\, a book or video\, an experience or idea !\n\n\n\n\n\nWelcome to the Weave ~ I hope to see you in the ZOOM !\n                      Warmly\, Deanne\n\n\n2021 Full Moon Dates and Lore \nStrawbale Studio 3 min video by Sarah Angelini \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \nStrawbale Studio \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJoin the listserve for the zoom link !  URL:https://strawbalestudio.org/event/full-moon-zoom-jan-17-2022/ CATEGORIES:Community Event,Full Moon,Inspiration,Natural Building,sustainability,Zoom Activity ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg:https://strawbalestudio.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/2021-12-18-Full-moon-zoom-JPG-1-scaled.jpg END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR