Emergency Form and Waiver

Natural Building Workshop & Volunteer Form    


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What you hope to learn:

Skills you have to share:


Waiver:  (based on the release form from Habitat for Humanity)

I agree to volunteer my time, labor, services and expertise to this natural building project or class. I understand that I receive no wages in this program. The volunteer program will give me personal satisfaction and the opportunity to expand my experience and understanding level. I understand that the sponsors of this program cannot be liable for any injuries or illness that I or my dependents(s) may suffer. I expressly waive any such claim for compensation or liability on the part of Deanne Bednar, Kensington Park, Raisin River Institute, or any of the other instructors, sponsoring organizations or businesses. I understand that all normal personal, medical and accident insurance coverage is the responsibility of the volunteer.


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DEPENDENTS ~ Name & birthday of dependent(s) less than 18 years of age covered by this waiver:








Emergency information:




NAME:                 Their work phone: #                        Their home phone:                   Their Cell phone: # 

NAME:                   Their work phone:                         Their home phone:                   Their Cell phone: #




OTHER INSTRUCTIONS in case of emergency:

Do you have allergies or other relevant medical conditions?

Food Considerations?     Need Medication?

Anything else that would be helpful for us to know?


INSURANCE INFORMATION: numbers or copies of cards.  (If you have coverage)