Educational Materials

These resources are some of my favorites.

Global Ecovillage Project created for the Futuristics Class at Orchard Lake Middle School by Deanne Bednar.  (The best lesson plan I ever have done !)

Goal: to collaboratively create a model of an ecological community that is inspiring, fun, and restorative.  How could you integrate renewable energy, organic food production, recycling of wastes, alternative transportation, nature (and more) into an existing or imagined community?

Included is a 3 page activity/evalutation sheet, plus an article & notes from the Social Studies Michigan Journal. For age 8 through adult.

Creating a Career .  What does the world need, that we are uniquely suited to do?

Evolving ideas about finding our “True Work”.

Natural Building Curriculum for Youth .  Outline for short course on natural building.

Climate change grant 2008 . A story describing numerous climate change solutions.

Meaningful Work .   A evolving conversation about sustainable livelyhood

What do I want?  An exercise, in chart form, that explores values from “now to forever”

Information on Michigan Teaching Standards and CEU’s .

“No Child Left Inside” . Links to this movement.