Strawbale Studio Mission ~  Connecting People & Nature

The Strawbale Studio Natural Building Education Program seeks to lower the ecological footprint of building and living practices by empowering others to take part in the construction and design of structures and supportive environments that are ecologically sustainable and beautiful.

By co-creating and connecting with nature, we are in harmony with ~ and supportive of ~ Life.      And besides . . . it’s FUN !




You can choose how you’d like to Contribute: 


Give immediately online through PayPal, no account required for one time donations!  This is a Gift, but not Tax-deductible. 

You can also go to your paypal account to send $ as a GIFT to ecoartdb at  Or create a paypal account easily.


Send a check made out to Strawbale Studio to PO Box 733, Oxford, MI 48371  This is a gift, but not tax deductible. Click link for directions.  

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION   Check link.  A check or money order can be made out to our Fiduciary Sponsor, SEEDS*

Strawbale Studio WISH LIST  Got any skills to contribute — or leads on these things?

THANKS TO 2019 DONORS – to date. 

Thanks to previous DONORS
See who helps make this work possible – contributing money, time, effort, skills and other gifts! ( I am in the process of updating the 2019 Contributors !)

*  The Strawbale Studio Natural Building Educational Program (SBS) is sponsored by SEEDS, a non-profit which Seeks Environmental and Ecological Design Solutions.

SEEDS has helped to meet its mission of expanding sustainable education and ecological solutions by supporting Strawbale Studio with a Fiduciary Sponsorship

Donations support Strawbale Studio in these ways:

  1. Scholarships for participants to receive training through workshops and internships. ($40 supports for one day, $250 for one week)
  2. Field trips & programming for urban youth. ($25 provides transportation, tour & workshop for 1 youth).
  3. Exhibits & Presentations.  $50 provides transportation, hand-outs and other costs for a day-long free presentation to the public.
  4. Publicity: printing of 500 copies of the bookmark with basic information about programming and the website ($100).
  5. Emergency and refugee housing. Through the use of the Builders Without Borders training manual, individuals can learn the basics of shelter. ($100 provides a student manual and a 3 day course)