Funders & Supporters

DSCF0601Great thanks to all the folks who have contributed in so many ways to help build and teach and support the process! It takes us all to keep the flame alive ! There have been so many interns, friends and helpers who have been greatly helpful.

A Special Thanks to the following, who have given substantial donations to support this work.And great appreciation for the emotional support that goes along with the financial support. They both are a blessing!

2013 to date  (and to all of you, who I might have missed, “Thanks for everything !”  You can remind me, so I can include you on the list !! ) 

2017: I feel so much support from all of you – friends, participants, visitors… together we give hope to the future…and each other !  Individual thanks to …. Fay Hanson & Lois Robbins, for financial and emotional support. Gene Villeni – built & installed the Kids Cottage Door, and is building windows, too. Printer from Sherry Vanderputty. Food from Chris & Jug Tarr. Emotional support from many, including Ronna Fisher and Debbie Rowe and Michelle Lane. Steve Baibak and the RCAH art program of MSU for friendship and support. SEEDS non-profit and Sarna Saltzman, for their ongoing support as a “Fiduciary Sponsor” and a believer in the work. Gifts from Natalie & Brett, Emily & Ryan Eisley-Cunningham.  Sunny & Richard Byrne.  Paul Beaudet – so many creative contributions: spoons, storage improvement, more !  Sue Davis, gifts.  Petar Simic, Filming of Reed collection, general support.  Jared Bogdonov-Hanna, Permaculture support & friendship. Marcie Nido, website support. Mathew McCoul. Systems Designing. Spencer Field, organizational support, The Many folks who came and helped plaster and create, and organize and give different kinds of support  including Jacob Gnath, Michael Elsterman, Gene Villeni, Dana Driscoll, Arnie & Robert, Tanya Metfah, Micah and more Neighbors who as always, are there in so many ways: LaFevers, Les & Elizabeth, The Abbots, Lisa and Steve, The Hoyts, Three Roods Farm, Greg and Robin. Thanks. Thanks! And all the rest of you, unnamed, yet part of co-creating Strawbale Studio !

2016 and before: Fay Hanson, contributions over the years !  A total of $360 was donated by individuals toward the Compost Furnace during the Celebration Party Nov 15, 2014, when Gene Vilenni and the members of Greenfire Trio donated an evening of their lively music ! Thanks to Lois Robbins – lots of support and collaboration, Chris McClellan, a building partner and all ’round supporter who has also connected me to so many amazing people, Jess Tess ~ lots of Publicity Development, Donovan Wentworth ~ creator of the website.  Dana Driscoll donated funds, plus a number of supportive activities ! Micah Linquist ~ invaluable co-creator of things wooden on the structures….roofing, skylight, stove pipe in and such.Angela for her many contributions,  Michael Elstermann has volunteered in many ways – most memorable, the compost furnace and giving tours ! .  Doug Lovelace, always a help in fixing or donating items.  Scott Cameron, now passed,  checked in on me, gave financial support as well as business advice.  Three Roods Farm, Robin Malor & Greg Kurchevski,  generous in so many ways.  The Tarrs – Chris and Jug have donated food from the garden and many things needed along the way.  Jared Bogdonov-Hanna ~ plants and plant wisdom, co-teacher, brought students from O.U. to tour.  Emily Eisley, volunteer with mud and gardens, plus many thoughtful contributions. Roslind Tait& Steve Chang-Jee Lian donated money as well as volunteer time and gifts. Harriet Oliver – money and volunteer time, Dawn Holtz ~ lots of time toward infrastructure, grounds and financial planning, Jim and Mary Jo Bizner have contributed yearly. Thanks, Thanks. Volunteers “on the ground” Justin Poppo, an ongoing co-builder and supporter. Emily Breczinski, support over the years, cooking, organizing, bringing groups here to help.  Jake, and brother, helped with Rumford Stove, Composting and more & mom, Arlene Brezinski, a long-time supporter.   Catherine , Kerry Gados, The Mormon Sisters, T and Green, The Abbots, Norma & Bill, Dave & Dorinda LeFevre, always there as a backup, sharing equipment and help.  The HOYTS ~ Tom, Ruth, Rachel, Sarah, Clair and Jack, support in so many ways, friendship, food, grounds.  Johnie Spezia, strawbales and wisdom from his farm, connections with the Amish.  John Batdorf, long-time generous supporter at the Earth Day Fest & more) Tall Will, volunteering, bringing friends. Sherrie Vanderputte gift of ~ Yes Magazine ! Kit from Permaculture Meetup ~ donation. Thanks for the teaching support from Paul Angelini~ Mushroom Cultivation Workshop Instructor, Mark Angelini ~ Round Pole Workshop Co-Teacher., and in previous years, Jared Bogdonov-HannaJim McDonald ~ Plants & Permaculture & Plaster workshop with Deanne, Mark Krawchek ~ Copicing Workshop, Lynn Kalfsbeak, Native Plants Workshop Veneta D Mavrodieva, skillful yardwork, lots of natural building, office support, organizing.  Michael Mallon, organizational support, brought youth here for a Wisdom Camp and more !  Mary Alice Dooley, financial donations,  a tape recorder.  Ronna Fisher, much help, photography, a flat screen TV for viewing natural building video, Jacob Gnath, financial contribution and much assistance on buildings and grounds.  Heather Haskins & Martha Murphy, lots of support plus acoffee maker, Marsha Oyler, contribution, Jim Bizer, contribution, Jim Bates, solar batteries, and other infrastructure help  …..and there are 10 times more folks. Email me and I would love to add you to this list !

Dana Driscoll ~ contribution and offer to teach a papermaking workshop!
Gloria Lowe ~ contribution
Jim and Mary Jo Bizer ~ contribution
Garret Schloss ~ donation of a DVD: Ben Law, Round Pole Framing.

Miriam Marcus who sponsored an intern to attend classes for 6 months.
Fay Hanson  Thanks so much for your support financially and in so many ways.
Scott Cameron 
Bob Pizzimenti
Mary Alice Dooley
James Bizer and Mary Jo Larson
Mike Ross
and others who contributed in many ways throughout the year.



Chris McClellan

Heather Hasking

Dawn Nelson

Jim McDonald

Jared Bogdonov-Hanna

Tammy Blackfoot


                                                    PREVIOUS DONORS 

Michigan Energy Office

Community Energy Grants were received from the State of Michigan Energy Office in 2004 and 2005 for Natural Building Education outreach and programing. These grants were with the support of the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center. In 2006 the CE Grant partially supported the Kensington Kid’s Cottage Project, through the Boggs Center.

Detroit Edison & First Solar of Toledo
Through the generosity of Detroit Edison, a solar electric system was given to the Strawbale Studio, including a photovoltaic panel, regulator, batteries and inverter. The cadmium telurite PV solar panels were donated by First Solar of Toledo.

Jim Bates installed the photoelectric system as a donation !

Scott Cameron –  for financial & emotional support through the years !

Dewald Foundation
Funding was also received several times from the DeWald Foundation through the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center.

And so many more who have contributed in a variety of wonderful ways.

“Anonymous” was a significant financial contributor.  You know who you are !