Donate to Empower Youth !

What could be better than youth & young adults learning to build
with natural materials ?  Your donation helps this happen !
How joyful … to co-create with nature!
How hopeful … to build our own shelters!
How ecological … to learn about sustainable systems!
How empowering … to learn skills and the use of simple tools!
Unfortunately this education is not financially accessible for some
~ which is where you come in !  
Cob Wall on the Hobbit Sauna ~ Waldorf students help !
YOUR DONATION  WILL PROVIDE  Natural Building & Sustainable Living SKILLS  to youth & young adults !
$25  provides a tour and hands-on activity
$40 donation will provide a day class
$75  a weekend experience
$150 provides a tour & hands-on activity for a class.
$225 allows Deanne to travel & teach a class off-site
$450 a one week Intensive Course
$850 a one-month Internship.
Any amount will go to the purpose of education and will be appreciated.
re-localize, re-skill, re-connect
In 2015, the Strawbale Studio provided hands-on education and outreach through classes, Intensives, Internships, Tours & Exhibits. Networking & education also took place through monthly Potlucks, and a newly formed Natural Building Meetup.
A few of the Special Events that occurred in 2015: 
Peek at the 2015 Activity List – with links to blog posts & photos !