Zoom Activity


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SEPTEMBER INTERNSHIP 9-2020       September Intern Photo Album CALENDAR September 1 Intern arrival. Shane & Levi, Ellie, Cy. Sept 3 Angela, Sept 6, Haley. Haley – ½ Pay Worktrader 10 hr/week…

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Worm Composting Zoom

WORM Composting Zoom Class for Clinton-Huron Library

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What about Worm Composting? In this Zoom class, a substitute for an “in-person” class scheduled with the Clinton Huron Library, we explored the Life of Worms ! We started with…

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Foraging is Permaculture

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Foraging Is Permaculture A blog post by Jack Chase  July Internship – Week 1 Thank you for happening upon this blog and for reading this post. This post describes the…

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The Full Moon Potluck carried on in solidarity with our full moon in the sky !  Ah ! In April we met virtually, “in spirit”.  Notice in the photo ~…

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