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2020 REPORT & PHOTOS ~ Strawbale Studio Yearly Review!

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 This 2020 End-of Year Review is still under some construction. It includes Classes & Activities,  Intern,  Projects,  Photos, Visitors, Guest Teachers, Gifts & Donors! 2020 Winternship Rocket Stove Class group picture                …

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SEPTEMBER INTERNSHIP 9-2020       September Intern Photo Album CALENDAR September 1 Intern arrival. Shane & Levi, Ellie, Cy. Sept 3 Angela, Sept 6, Haley. Haley – ½ Pay Worktrader 10 hr/week…

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GLOBAL ECOVILLAGE Project with Upland Hills School

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The Global EcoVillage Project is a design process to imagine and make a drawing or model of a community that is ECOLOGICAL and FUN. A group of Upland Hills students explored this process during 4 sessions in May, as part of their “at home” & online learning.

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2020 WINTERNSHIP at Strawbale Studio

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The Wintership was a wonderful & rich time for the Wintern and also the participants who attended the weekend Workshops: Jan 11 & 12, 2020  Thatching & Reed Collection      …

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Getting Natural

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I have been reflecting on what simple, enjoyable things can help make a place, a home “more natural”.  Last year a fellow attended the Earth Plaster & Sculpting Workshop, and…

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Muddy Hands and Big Plans: One Month at Strawbale Studio

2592 1728 Strawbale Studio

Blog post by intern Stephanie Sykes When my husband Malte & I stumbled across the Strawbale Studio website in our search for sustainability education programs, we were immediately captivated by…

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How to Host an Authentic Weekend

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Blog by Intern, Eben Gardener:  Hello Strawbalers! Another authentic weekend has passed for us here at the Strawbale Studio to reminisce. After the Foraging Workshops we ask:  How do you…

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How Sustainable!

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Blog by Intern Eben Gardener for the week of MAY 6, 2019 Hello Strawbalers! And welcome back to another post from Strawbale Studio. It has been a while since we…

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Fermenting Fun !

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Magical Food Preservation ! 1-5p March 23,& March 24, 2019. Kraut and Kim Chi with lots of chopping & Butter-making with lots of shaking ! What a wonderful time… as…

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2018 REPORT & PHOTOS ~ Strawbale Studio

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Enter the Hobbit Sauna 2018 REPORT & PHOTOS ~ Strawbale Studio Discover the activities and pictures from 2018, a year of many adventures. A building project in Elkhart, Indiana, an…

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