20 Most Important Things (a work in progress)

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I was asked by Matt McCoul, “What are the 20 things I think are most important?” I found that to be an inspiring question – do-able in size. Perhaps you…

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Thanks to 2019 + Past Donors

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 Gratitude to those who contributed to Strawbale Studio , . . . . . with time, energy, skills, and finances ! This is an evolving list for 2019  + Past…

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Thanks to PAST DONORS !

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Funding and Contributions   Great thanks to all the folks who have contributed in so many ways to help build and teach, and support the process! It takes us all. There…

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Candle-Making & Nature Crafts Classes

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It is a joy to be together, and create useful things directly from nature ! December 7th & 8th,  of 2019  Folks came together in the cozy kitchen of the…

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