Off-site Learning

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Jan 17, 2022

2560 1849 Strawbale Studio

The themes of this Full Moon Evening zoom gathering were “love of natural building & gardening, self-care & healing, gratitude for friends & support from life.
We were inspired by each other, as we shared our stories of “what’s alive in us”, “what’s inspiring us”. There was a lot of synchronicity within our stories, and an appreciation of our time of connecting.

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Full MOON ZOOM ~ Dec. 18, 2021

2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

What a rich time being together over this Solstice time! Strawbale Studio Friends from Michigan, Ohio, New York, shared Resource links, Inspirations, “What’s Alive In Me”, and Strawbale Design planning…

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2021-10-20 Full Moon Zoom

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Oct. 20, 2021

1297 749 Strawbale Studio

Ah ! Another very rich & deep gathering of souls — sharing “What’s alive in me, what’s inspiring me!” Eric is growing “mushroom insulation” for his Detroit Community Greenhouse. He…

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2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

What a full and connecting time to be together and enjoy learning about Natural Nutrient Systems on the land, and workshop on Earth Ovens & Rocket Stoves!

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Patrick Dougherty - Detroit 2021

Patrick Dougherty’s Stick Sculpture in Detroit.

2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

I got to visit to Patrick Dougherty’s Stick Sculpture being built in a park in Detroit Brightmoor Neighborhood … by the Rouge River!  Wow! Amazing and beautiful ! Folks can…

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Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 26, 2021

2560 1594 Strawbale Studio

MAY 26, 2021 FULL MOON ZOOM Emergent Themes, Chat Links, Participants sharing, Possible outcomes:  Emergent Themes:  Connecting with and supporting Nature. Technological support for human needs. Joy of Spring &…

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Fiot 500: The Retrofidition!

441 588 Strawbale Studio

FIOT 500: The Retrofidition A blog post by Jack Chase I have previously asked myself, “Would I not be more environmentally conscious if I retrofitted a building rather than building…

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GLOBAL ECOVILLAGE Project with Upland Hills School

792 594 Strawbale Studio

The Global EcoVillage Project is a design process to imagine and make a drawing or model of a community that is ECOLOGICAL and FUN. A group of Upland Hills students explored this process during 4 sessions in May, as part of their “at home” & online learning.

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Strawbale Build with Andrew Morrison. Selena Lucas home in Ann Arbor

Strawbale House Build in Ann Arbor ~ led by Andrew Morrison

222 149 Strawbale Studio

July 21 – 27, 2019 was an adventurous week doing straw bale infill construction on the new home of Selena Lucas outside Ann Arbor, Michigan .  Andrew Morrison was the…

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STRAWBALE / COB BENCH- Collaboration between RCAH/MSU & Peckham of E. Lansing

960 960 Strawbale Studio

Bench Making from natural materials ! This project is a collaboration of Steve Baibaks art studio at the Residential College of Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University, East Lansing,…

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