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SEPTEMBER INTERNSHIP 9-2020       September Intern Photo Album CALENDAR September 1 Intern arrival. Shane & Levi, Ellie, Cy. Sept 3 Angela, Sept 6, Haley. Haley – ½ Pay Worktrader 10 hr/week…

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2019 Winternship – guest blogger, Rob Zverina

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The 2019 Winternship was awesome, with wonderful intern and weekend workshop participants.   Here is a sense of it through the eyes of Rob Zverina who attended with his wife…

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2017 REPORT for Strawbale Studio Activities

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The focus for 2017 was getting ready for the Strawbale Studio 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! 20 Years ago Fran Lee wanted a structure, and I wanted to build. Many, many hands…

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Fire Dynamics ! Round Pole & Earth Oven Workshop

Strawbale Studio

January 18 & 29, 2017 This elemental class started with a hand-on exploration of the evolution of fire usage, and how fire works. We FIRED IT UP … moving from…

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