Ann Arbor Reskilling Presentation by Jason Gnath ~ Earth Plaster !

October 17, 2017      Earth Plastering and Cob Basics Presentation by Jacob Gnath for Ann Arbor –Yipsi ReSkilling!   


Making earth plaster at Ann Arbor – Ypsi Reskilling

Thanks Jacob for doing the presentation, and Edie for envisioning and organizing it !


Get your hands dirty and help transform a community space by learning basic earth plastering using clay and straw. This two-hour workshop will be the start to transforming a garage into an eco-friendly community work and play space. Learn correct ratios of sand-clay for plastering, how to sift clay, and how to apply over an existing structure.

About the teacher: Jacob Gnath was an intern of Deanne Bednar at the Stawbale Studio in Oxford, MI.  He has 3 months of hands on experience working with natural building. He also loves to play music and wants to teach guitar.





Basic earth-plastering using clay and straw was taught by Jacob Gnath, an intern of Deanne Bednar at the Strawbale Studio in Oxford, MI. He showed how to sift clay, what the correct ratios of sand-clay are for plastering, and how to apply the plaster over an existing surface.  Guests had a great time getting their hands dirty by helping transform a community space!

This was the first event held in several months and it was wonderful to see so much interest in building the Reskilling community. Guests at the potluck learned about Reskilling’s origins from the Transition Movement and how Ann Arbor – Ypsi Reskilling promotes resilience and builds community.  Join this Reskilling group, and check out the FACEBOOK page.

Guests also learned about the Eco-Challenge and how Ann Arbor – Ypsi Reskilling will be using the challenge as a platform for fueling discussions about how we can make greener choices in our daily lives. (See more about the Eco-Challenge below!)