Internship Fees

 FEE Details   

Interns contribute $950* ($850 if paid 1 month in advance) toward room and board and instruction. Interns are invited to participate in all building, classes & natural living projects.   * Payment is due 1 week before arrival to secure your place.

½ price Worktrader scholarships are occasionally available $425 if paid 1 month in advance or $475 thereafter. A number of tasks are required to keep things going here: gardening, grounds-keeping, repair & maintenance, office assistance, data entry, web development, grant writing etc. If you have special skills in any of these areas we may be able to offer a better arrangement. 1/2 Pay Worktraders participate in all normal projects, classes and activities while additionally contributing about 10 hours a week to infrastructure support.*   No worktrade option is available during the months of our occasional 7 to 14 day Intensive Workshops.  You may select to attend just the workshop (plus a few days) at a discounted rate.  In 2016 there is a 1 week Intensive August 7 – 13.

Workshops:  One-day and two-day workshops are offered to the public throughout the internship. See the current calendar.  Workshops range from Earthen Plasters, Strawbale Constructions, Permaculture, Earth oven, Rocket Stoves, Thatching, Round Pole Framing, Living Roof Systems and more.  Interns will help with preparations and will participate in all workshops during their stay.

Weekly schedule:  A 5-day work week includes hands-on building and learning experiences, workshop preparation, long term project planning and time for ground/house maintenance.  There will be two days off throughout the week determined by the weekend workshop schedule.  We will be going as a group to the reed fields twice a week for about 4 hours each to harvest.  There are acres of woodlands to explore on the property as we as a town and parks with swimming within biking distance.

Lodging and Meals:  Lodging options include shared rooms & rustic cabin, camping and the Strawbale Studio.  First applicants receive first choices on lodging options. Food, primarily local & organic, is included.  Interns share in cooking/household responsibilities.