Intern Communications

Letter to Strawbale Studio from Kari, 2013 intern.

Hello Deanne!
Yes, Miguel wants to plant Pine Nuts.  He said the trees should give us
nuts in about 8 or 10 years and he fully intends to enjoy them at that time.
He’s going to plant about 20 trees or so. There’s a hill here on the farm that is real sandy and he planted a bunch of evergreen trees about 25 years ago that have done very well and he figured that the Nut Pine trees would also do well in this type of soil.

If reforesting is happening, it should all be done with food trees.
sugar maples, Nut Pines, fruit trees, black walnut, English walnut, hickory nut, cherry trees…and maybe a few Locust trees as they make the best fence posts and hopefully soon. When the big monoculture corn and soy stops, everyone will be putting up fences and letting animals out to heal the earth and feed us.
Thanks for writing, I think of you and the Studio often.
By the way, did I ever tell you?  I haven’t washed my hair since you told me of your experience.  It is wonderful not to do that anymore, and people regularly comment on how my hair is pretty and looks so healthy.
Thank you so much for freeing me of that wasteful ritual.
many blessings and much love


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