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Welcome to the Strawbale Studio Natural Building & Sustainable Living Skills Program.
Located outside  Oxford, Michigan ~  1 hour north of Detroit on wooded  rural  land . 

INTERNSHIP & Worktrade

At this link, find out more about this years’ program which includes 3 options: Internship, 1/2 pay WorkTrade amd Wwoofing.

Then, if you are interested, read further to see if the Strawbale Studio might be a fit you you ! 



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Wwoofer Description

Location: 50 rural wooded acres 6 miles from a small town, 1 hr n. of Detroit. Wwoofers are sought to help with the infrastructure of this program which provides education focused on natural building, sustainable living skills and an evolving permaculture approach to the land.
Two Wwoofing positions are available, with no money exchanged. Includes: Room and Board, classes, and a great learning environment. Wwoof responsibilities: 20 hours/week on the grounds, gardens & office.  Wwoofers could take part in building projects and activities as time allows beyond the 20 Wwoof hours. Wwoofers help with classes during their stay, and attend as a student. There are also Paying Internships and Partial-pay Worktrade positions here, which involve a fee and focus more hours on natural building and sustainable living skills.
Other information
There is a desire to create a place where people can relate to nature, and learn to live in harmonious relationship to nature and community. People visit, tour, take part in classes here. Educational activities range from earth plastering, rocket stoves, strawbale building, foraging, thatching, solar cooking, winter greenhouse, land improvement, maintenance & firewood, native fruit tree planting, depending on the season. Suggested stay: minimum 2 weeks, preference 1 – 3 months. Wwoofers are needed during most months of the year. English-speaking please. Housing options: camping, indoor dorm rooms. Food is primarily local, organic, mostly vegetarian, but flexible. Nearby: walking trails, Nature Center, small town, yoga classes, goat farm, permaculture meetups, other farms to visit.