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2023 WINTERNSHIP Jan 5 – Feb 5

The Winternship is unfolding…see the full Photo Album here. Winternship Outline. Week 1 Blog Post Jan. 5- 8: by Claudia Revilla On Thursday we arrived with a warm welcome from…

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2022 September Internship & Activities

In September 2022 Strawbale Studio hosted an Internship, plus 2 Tours, several guests & an off-site Youth “Stick Building” Activity at the Great Lakes Herb Faire. This blog focuses on the SEPTEMBER INTRERNSHIIP . . .

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Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 18, 2022

March 18, 2022  Friday  (The picture above is Eric growing mushrooms in a plastic bag! Yet another experiment!) Inspiration and aliveness was we eleven gathered together tonight from Michigan,…

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Rocket Stoves & Earth Ovens

Rocket Stove Heated Bench Rocket Stoves are very efficient wood-burning devices that generally use a J shape design for the combustion unit to achieve high temperatures and clean burn. The…

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S t r a w b a l e  S t u d i o Joyfully connecting people & nature Re-localize, Re-skill, Re-connect ! “May the Beauty we love be…

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