O Beautiful Gaia ~ Endangered Species Art


This art was created by Deanne Bednar for the “O Beautiful Gaia” CD Project, whose goal is to help protect Endangered Species through awareness and awe.  The design was applied to T-shirts to remind us that  “The great fresh waters of our continent have united us to the oceans, to one another and to the life of the world. May we respond with vigilance and generosity to the needs of our beloved planet. ”  Carolyn McDade, who wrote the song O Beautiful Gaia.

The “O Beautiful Gaia” music CD is available at the website of the composer Carolyn McDade where there is more information about the project and the ecological projects the proceeds have supported. It is also available through Amazon. 
100% of O Beautiful Gaia proceeds go to education, advocacy and action toward the preservation and restoration of our land and waters.  Full size Gaia art, below.