Full MOON ZOOM ~ June 19, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ June 19, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ June 19, 2024 1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

June 19, 2024 Full MOON ZOOM with Sarah from Traverse City area,  Jo from Upstate New York, Sooz from Southfield Michigan & Deanne from Oxford, MI.   

We enjoyed weaving together learning about Sarah’s life, friends, land and dreams for natural building.  We have lots of connections with Vonnie, Thomas, Ellis, Levi ….  Sarah will be helping Vonnie on her round cordwood house this weekend!  So much overlapping!

We chatted for a bit, watched the Strawbale Studio 3 min Vimeo..
Then Folks shared “What’s alive in me” and “What’s inspiring me.” 

Jo.  What’s Alive in me”. I started a U-Pick operations for berries. Experiencing a hot dry spell. We planted new blueberries this spring. I am watering. My well is 400 feet uphill from my barn. I have to put water to 1/2 fill buckets and take in the tractor, and let water reach air temp/ I give everybody a drink. Unusual to have temps above 90 degrees here. I’ve been doing reading, and went to the village wide yard sale. I brought 2 tote bags full of books back. There are so many things going on that I plan as if I had 30 hours a day, and no time for sleeping And My saw isn’t working. Alternatives to Violence project. I had a lot of files open…and I went a wway from my computer and information was lost. Frustrating and time=consuming. l My dog has walked past my chickens , so I am optimistic she will be able to be out with my chickens some day. The chicks are in ouside quarters here.

Sarah: What’s alive in me:
I’m so excited, the ants covered their hole with some plastic strip, and I have been watching how communicative and creative they are! My work: . Lands’ Bodywork, Sacral Cranial techniques.  I have land in the Traverse City area in a rented house. . Me putting down roots and saying I’m landing here. I just moved up here in August. I had one zoning call with an old guy. He was really kind. I called him before buying the land, and be upfront. I’m wanting to be to honest and hope that I can do these things I want to do. He was so kind…”call me if you have any other questions”. I work with a local naturapath. She started a group and the project I’m doing is. I’m a potter and doing an outdoor earth oven, and starting a gazebo. and I can go ahead and build a tent. I bought canvas. !

Sooz A lot is alive in me,
and I know you all care about the earth, and people are trying to come up with ideas to help, but very few have thought to ask “Earth” what she wants. I feel like we are in the Other World…there has been a shift..   I went to a regenerative farm yesterday. There was a bird.. He was sitting on an egg. He was guarding it. I didn’t do anything, but send my love and protection. So things like that have been happening. I encourage you to stay open to those connections. That’s most alive in me! It just doesn’t get any better. Maybe Killdeer. A hole in the ground and a gray egg.
(Hello Possum, Sooz says to a creature outside.) I have a dear little possum. If you have a possum you wont have a rat or tick problem. I gave it a chuck of ham fat. I am simmering bones. That’s whats alive in me.

DB responds:  “Council of all Beings”. Sounds True. Johanna Macy is going to be doing a whole series of interviews. When I did the “Council of all Beings”, it was with Johanna Macy. At the Bahia Center.

Deanne: fullness of nature here, attending the Foragers Gathering, and upcoming evenings, Compassion Course Zoom, the the Full Moon Potluck. And an event at Upland HIlls School with youth, bringing in Non-violent Communication.

Jo. whats inspiring: I joined a quaker meeting via zoom…a friend sent. Then I was back in my forest, and Sat night I had campers coming and I wanted to be ready for them. I was by the pine trees: this is a Green Cathedral. Magnificent tallness, with very little undergrowth. I want to go back and make it more inviting for people to be there. Also I’m going to a chiropractor, his father, dad died recently. His mother lives there full time, and I walk there close to 3 miles, and she offered to give me a ride home. It took me 1 hr 15 to walk there. and 1 hr 30 min to get back….because of looking at the wild plants together. We’ve lived close together all these years. She’s about my age. We had never met. The Prisoners I work with on the Alternatives to Violence program…their writing can be positive and reach out to people. That leaves me in awe. . There’s lots of positive things. We can look at the negative things. I like to focus on the positive.

Sarah: What’s inspiring: I want to speak outload my appreciation for a massage therapist woman. She does Intuitive body work, her kid committed suicide in high school. I went to camp with him. I appreciate the work she did. I just moved here…and I am taking over her patients. I have the same commitment, to caring for these people. That’s so rare. The timing, the connection, I feel emotional. I have a new patent coming to me from her on Friday. I’m grateful to my fiend, we had a bonfire last week…he has compost and perennial ~ perennial arugula and sun chokes. He gave me lifetime crops that are going to feed me. Grateful to you all for welcoming me. ( This is Levi M, also a friend of mine, podcast, permaculture.)

Sooz, what’s inspiring me: The firefly, they inspire me. My neighbor has too many lights going, and he turned it down, And I think the fireflies are going to be ok. My son and I are out there. Fireflies reminds me o f the crickets. I am feeling hopeful. The fireflies are zooming.
I was on the Women and Religion Team for about 5 years. A couple years ago our team leader, first women minister in Michigan pulled together a book. Many submitted their experiences. and my copy is in the mail right now! A treasure. Inspiring me, and to reconnect..
I’m 80 and the last few years have been really challenging, acknowledging the good and bad, the obstacles and work with it…what would be the energy that would match this, and makes me stronger, more aware, deeper.
I’ve been diagnosed….aFIB in my heart. My naturapathic doctor sent me to a heart specialist. Pharma. I have prejudice and fear. He wants me on blood thinners. and my blood pressure up just being there. I take magnesium before bed. My Holistic dr. gave me a japanse blood thinner. I take Tumeric which is also a natural blood thinner. I’m 80 years old, and I’m healthy and my hearts doing well and I’m taking nato. noto.  I’m getting herbs. Jim McDonald recommended herbalist and author Harold Bhruner: by the plants that are coming up he can recognize what is going on with your health, What the plants know.  Mother wort, I believe it gives me protection.

Deanne whats inspiring us. Fay Hanson, visiting her, watching the sunset from her new porch.  Talking with Dan, a potter, and feeling inspired by ceramics. Fireflies. Friendship.

Sarah:  I have 4-5 acres, and am wanting to buy more of a Ford Family camp.  Also I am talking with an elder farmer about leasing his land that goes down to the river…Possibilities.  I want to have a center where people can live without having to work so much to afford housing.  Id like to help and be part of that.

It was a lovely time together, sharing, witnessing our own and other lives. Seeing and being seen.  Focusing on what matters to us, what is moving us forward.  Ah.