Youth Activities @ Great Lakes Foragers Gathering June 13-26, 2024

Youth Activities @ Great Lakes Foragers Gathering June 13-26, 2024

Youth Activities @ Great Lakes Foragers Gathering June 13-26, 2024 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

Twigloo construction & Toad Huts!
Strawbale Studio led these two Youth Activities at The Great Lakes Foragers Gathering July 13-16, 2024:

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The Foragers Gathering is an awesome family event held annually at the camping area of Frog Holler Farm, Brooklyn, MI -near Chelsea, MI.
A rolling meadow surrounded by woods holds a 4-day event filled with adventure, exploration, creativity, classes for youth & adults, evening bonfire and GREAT food (much of it foraged!!).

Students went into the woods to help forage sticks and found materials to add to the nature items brought from Strawbale Studio land.  The youth lashed together creative little stick structures we call “Twigloos”!  Decorating the twigloos with leafy plants, they became little shade shelters. Throughout the gathering they were inhabited, and modified! and over time. Two were moved next to each other, merging into a larger structure.  A dad and son created their own Twigloo the next day!  All in all, a fun flow and joyful process.  The Twigloos stood there on the top of the hill overlooking the Foragers Gathering during the weekend, a testament to the joy of foraging and co-creating together!

The building of Toad Abodes.was another activity for youth, and it was so much fun for everyone involved, including me!  The youth were so creative and enthusiastic, constructing toad shelters of clay/sand subsoil mixture (Cob) shaped around ceramic pots on a board, then decorated with moss and leafy plants.  The kids already knew a lot about what a toad NEEDS:  safety – away from a path, dogs, people, birds….some moisture and shade, under larger plants and trees, so they can dig in the earth and feel all protected!  Students took home their constructions to rebuild them in a safe spot in their own backyards!  Toad-ally!!!  (that was the word of the day… along with some spontaneous songs: toady, toady, toady, toad!)

You can follow the Great Lakes  Foragers Gathering and consider coming next year!  Will Forage for Food facebook page with photos (especially food photos) from the gathering. Will Forage for Food is Rachel Mifsuds website. ( She teaches at U of M, and is an awesome forager and organizer!   Yay, Foraging!