Kingsbury 8th grade Field Trip May 21, 2024

Kingsbury 8th grade Field Trip May 21, 2024

Kingsbury 8th grade Field Trip May 21, 2024 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

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Fourteen 8th grade Students from Kingsbury School walked over to Strawbale Studio with their teacher Sarah Chiazza and a parent / staff person from the school, Jill….to have a day of learning about sustainable design, and model-making with earthen subsoil!

Students discussed, in a classroom setting in the Strawbale Studio, what they would love to have in an imaginary future sustainable living situation… garden, house, a pond, farm animals, renewable energy, trails, and more. Next, we started on a Sculpting Project:  students rotated in teams to 1) harvest earth subsoil, 2) sift it through an 1/8th inch screen, 3) Mix it with water into a sculpting material, and finally 4) make a model of their choice.  Some did individual projects, others joined in small groups to design an imaginary community or scene.  Ah ! 

The engagement and joy were beautiful!  They learned so much, helped each other out, got a chance to work with local natural materials, and imagined possible future applications! 

We fired up the pizza oven & baked pizzas as an extra treat in addition to the lunches they brought for themselves. 

The chaperone/mom expressed great thanks for the resource of having this place available as a resource for her son and the other children.  I, too, felt thanks for the opportunity to share some simple earth skills to young people, giving them an opportunity to have a direct connection with nature and experience the joy of co-creating & being together in that way.

There was much gratitude and joy throughout the day…..and mutual appreciation for this creative time together with each other and nature. 

Then after a closing circle of thanksgiving, they were off, walking back to their school, on that beautiful, sunny day!