Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 24, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 24, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 24, 2024 2560 1892 Strawbale Studio

MAY 24,  2024  

A sweet supportive connection of souls…sharing “what’s alive in me” and “what’s inspiring me”.  

Emergent Themes: 

  • May all the species live a natural life!
  • May we each find a way to live with hope and appreciation for life.
  •  “plan your life like you’re going to live forever and live each day as if it would be your last.”

Participants: Jo, Jack, Deanne, Sooz, Sarah, Pat, 


Welcome back Pat Kolon!

A brief discussion of full body sneezes

A discussion of blurred backgrounds

A discussion of video filters on Zoom

Jubilant Jo

I have finally finished planting all the blueberries that I ordered this year. Some of the rows are mulched, but it’s a long process. Someone from one of the parks volunteered to help mulch. One of the new ones I mulched with cardboard, sawdust, shavings, etc. A year or two ago I bought blueberries, and I can’t remember whether the weather or my schedule was messed up, but I tried to get at them and plant them in a week, then a few years, then this year I found little blueberry bushes there! Printer problems, then resolved. Computer file problems with duplication and reverting back to an old save. Wilda (my dog) is doing quite well. She has walked past the chickens without being in prey mode. The fact that she can walk past without acting up is a major improvement. Vet checkup on wednesday. The vets were quite impressed with her. I’ve never had her in a situation with other dogs or crowds of people and she did quite well with that. Strider is doing quite well. She no longer is on medication and she doesn’t need hot compresses 3x per day. AND she’s allowed outside again. I prop the door just enough for her to go in and out. I’ve seen him up at the well, all the way up  to the willow tree. Willow trees absorb a tremendous amount of water, which helps to prevent flooding in my neighbor’s foundation. 6 month checkup today went well. Some good weeding got done. If I can keep up with the 50 and 60 year olds on the work days, then I’m still doing okay! Today I moved my baby chicks from a rubber stock tank into the dog exercise pen with cardboard and sawdust on the bottom. I have to check it often to make sure it’s secure and warm. The loft over my room in the barn. It took me a week before I realized it was the sound of the baby chicks.

  • Suddenly very reassuring, re-evealuation counseling. I was involved in it for years back in the 1970s. It basically probably saved my life and got me through some very difficult times. I have utilized a lot of the things there throughout my life. I have a new gadget that just arrived a couple days ago. Zappify, a gadget that lights up and attracts and kills mosquitoes. It has a rechargable battery inside. I could see little dead mosquitoes dead inside there. It’s nice because you’re not spraying or using chemicals. Developed by a college student who invented it and it’s taking off. It’s reassuring that young people are inventing stuff like this without me needing to harm other beneficial insects. This is apparently a wavelength that is very specific for mosquitoes. It’s supposed to be effective up to about 500ft.
  • I still haven’t figured out how to put more than 24 hours in a day. If I would work more efficiently, I would get more done, but I also know if I compare: most people don’t even reach my age and most people my age aren’t doing half the things I’m doing. It still doesn’t solve my problem that there’s so much I want to do. Years ago, I read a thing, those little graces: “plan your life like you’re going to live forever and live each day as if it would be your last.”

Pat Kolon

The joy of being with you! Hearing Jo’s stories of the farm. Seeing the five of you! It’s been a very long time I think since I’ve been here. I did have my granddaughter who’s 15 months old for the evening. Bok choy salad, it’s the third one that I’ve made. I’m eating that pretty regularly. I sent some home with my sister. I had another one with my daughter last week, and I send her home with the leftovers each time. I kept some leftovers for tomorrow this time. Walking around the neighborhood around Wayne State University downtown Detroit with my granddaughter, so I really missed summer last year because I was over at their house and kept so busy. Tending to my veggie garden in the backyard has been a delight. Being able to watch and notice those differences. I’m waiting for cucumbers to sprout. Mexican cucumbers, smaller and thinner skins. I think that’s it, that’s what’s alive in me. Connecting with neighbors. Morgan’s been able to walk to my 102 year-old neighbor, and she loves to visit Doris. Little mementos from Japan. Morgan is just at the stage where she can pick things up, put them down, and bring them over to us. That’s a sweet venture. The sprouts in the garden and my little granddaughter sprout, who loves little mashed potato balls with cheese and spinach.

  • Not sure I have the energy for Bioneers right now. My brother came and stayed with me for a couple of months. He lived in CA and went back to CA a couple weeks ago. Even the evening before I took him to the airport, he said some troubling things. It was a rollercoaster, and I didn’t realize the effect it had on me. We did as much as we could and we feel really good about being able to support him. I moved out of my bedroom and switched things around because he uses a cane. A week ago, I moved back into my bedroom. Physical and emotional: it’s been a lot. Oh yeah! I used to do other things. Beginning again in his early 70s.
  • The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté: the thesis of the book is that we’ve put the emphasis for health on the individual. When the culture is disordered… I was just able to share that book with my brother, he underlined, highlighted, and at times he was really able to cry, to share emotions. Gaber Matte deals with trauma with the current situation and a great deal that came to the surface. We spent some time looking at our family situation. The constellation of the families. I really recommend that. The exercises at the end of the book really helped to bring out my emotion.

Peggy Suze

My great-grandchildren are too old, but I have some great books. I’m finding homes for things, whenever and wherever I can find homes for them. Life and death and transition. Very full every day. Connecting with nature so much. Between the weather and the reciprocity, I am really struggling to keep up. I have some little vegetables. I have more clearing and I need more strength! 4 peat bags, they were heavy but I did it! I was recently diagnosed with Afib, and I’m not going on the big pharma stuff (blood thinners, etc.). Considering herbs and I’m getting a lot of response. My oldest cat is 24+ is in the dying process. He wants so much attention. He’s on me all the time. It’s not gonna be good if he lasts longer than me. I’m appreciative with all this. I have an amazing life. It’s always been true. The more I think back, the more amazing it is. With great sadness for the earth and the species. I’m reading Stephen Harrod Bruhner; he just died last year. Jim MacDonald told me about them.  Now I’m reading Earth Creek? I don’t cry that easy, but I might, it just deepens you. Sad, sad, deep, deep love. It’s a deeper connection. I’m grateful for the whole thing. My son is here. There’s a point where you really don’t have words. Language older than words? He could walk through your yard, see what’s growing, and tell you what you need. If you give them a chance, the plants will tell you.

  • Amazing book about parasites in your body. Each parasite has its own frequency. Zap a particular frequency. The same idea with mosquitoes. Really exciting. I did not recognize you at all when we logged on. You look so different. I’m glad to see you and to be with you. Inspiring, all of it! Earth, animals, and the people who love earth and animals and know we need to change. We don’t have answers and that’s okay. Awakening the heart realization that we need to change. Reading Bruhner’s really helpful. I can say some things to you that I would probably hesitate to say elsewhere. The little kitty that’s meowing out there. I include the goddess. I read a lot about her. I feel she intervenes. In the morning I need to think about and check in. I just feel that there’s a spirit connection. Sometimes I’ll do a morning pouring libation. Calling in the ancestors, gods, and goddesses and asking them to remember and to make it possible for the children of all the species to live a natural life of beauty. Animals were our teachers when I was young. It’s the animals who taught us how to be human. It’s a great loss I think, and I’m happy to have some books to pass on. I’m not one who emotes easily, I’ve been trained/colonized out of that. I’m trying to get back to that free flow. It’s a great adventure. I try to stay present for all of it. All of it!

Sarah Stevenson I’m kind of lost right now. Two years ago, I had an accident. I talked with someone who worked with the vegas nerve. If you’re feeling a little weak, squeeze your skull just a bit with your hands. She was dying, and now she’s just going. I hurt my vegas nerve, and holding my skull just got me through.

I am planting! Two years ago I was in a nasty accident that hurt the side of my body. They fixed the broken bones and the mashed tendons. They found this year that you have a massive lesion in my shoulder, now there’s a balloon in your shoulder. All the sudden, I can solve things. I can make a list and do it. It’s marvelous! I have three years of garden and fixing up an old house, and painting! I’m busy; it’s wonderful! We’ve had four tornadoes here in Pittsburgh. It’s been marvelous to live through. I think about these people who live further West and “upwind” of us. It’s wonderful and as hot as it can be. It’s hot and clammy. I got new hearing aids and the birdsong is heaven. I’ve been without for so long, and here they are. It’s perfection! Fresh out of the shower and growing my greens. Thank you! You don’t realize how perfect it is. Robins are amazing creatures.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your brother. It’s like a swift current. It’s hard to stand up.
  • Examine motivation, Deanne. What are the township’s motives? In that line, what does the sky look like? I have no idea what happens in Michigan. Everybody’s different.
  • I’m lost in thought. I was thinking, putting everything together. Jack changing life. Deanne’s troubles. Suze’s troubles. Trying to see what was all together. THere isn’t everything all together. I’m lost here. I don’t have any wisdom. All kinds of issues with my family. I feel like the waves in the Pacific: going up, falling, caught again. Praying. I just have to grab onto my joy. Peonies are blooming here too! Borage coming up! (It’s an old joke, sorry). I can’t solve anybody’s problem. I can’t solve my own problems. I have no wisdom here.
  • We think of wisdom as this wonderful thing. My wisdom isn’t your wisdom. There is never a right answer for everyone and everything. We have to wander along and smell the peonies. It only took 81 years to get here!


How cool must it be to be a grandma. To see the generations. How developmental! I kind of have to go to the bathroom. It’s okay. I’m feeling really happy from being with you, feeling connected. Feeling the life! I’m feeling the belonging to the clan of sprouts (we each added the “sprout” background to our zoom images). I’ve had a lot going on in the last month. Internet, brakes, travel, conference: which was about natural building and healthy housing. Chemical illness prevents a woman from living in a house. Symposium to raise money. I didn’t organize it, but I was brought in. Traverse City young and old. Thomas Hirsh, who’s my age: light clay. Being out on the beach at night. Visiting a friend who had triple bypass surgery. Lois’s memorial was on Sunday. Pieces pulling together, pieces coming and going. Shingles or hives from stress. A lot of stress. I’m finding my way through it and looking at what helps me feel calm. What are the options? I want to be able to move forward and contribute to life.  The biggest thing of all: a notice from the township. I don’t have too much to say about it. I’m not sure how this is going to go. I’m going to move forward with honor and with the intention to fit well in my community. An interesting challenge. Holding this friendly, open-hearted space. I’m kind of getting over the “scared”. If things change re my relationship to this place, I can consolidate, write books, regroup, etc. I can develop my friendships longer term rather than the shorter term friendships. The most important thing is that my heart is soft (even though there’s fear),  I see the township as friendly. “We’re not here to get people, we’re here to help them. “ I’m open-hearted and curious, and solid in what I do. My neighbors support me. An evolutionary process: it’s a paradigm change, and we are about that. Even if things don’t go forward in the same way, I’ve had 25 years of sharing., That’s great. Good enough! GE! The peonies are in bloom. We oiled benches, and I smell like linseed oil.

  • To sarah: I’m hearing love and acceptance. Loving acceptance. YOu’re being a real human, right here, right now.
  • The ability for caring and love to safely brave this situation in a way that has hope and trust build-up. The ability to move forward and have it go back and forth. The trust and open-heartedness and caring. I believe that I want to hold that as my belief. I don’t know if it covers all those situations. I don’t know all of that. It’s a very inspiring possibility for us on the planet. Not so particular as a way of being. Center and recenter and model it. And its effect helps others to explore that space more and share and give it back to me.


  • The Massage Book – regarding healing the vegas nerve.
  • Xylem water filtration
  • News re my mother.
  • New job on the horizon – preschool language immersion.
  • Reconnecting with an old friend
  • See PDF for technical paper
  • Manufacture the filter
  • Manufacture the filter housing
  • http://www.xylemwaterfilter.org/faqs/
  • Jack.  Xylem filter manufacture.  cut wood and pewl off the bark, soak in hot water for 1 hr.  soak in alcohol overnight.  Alcohol, prepare it.  Store and use it later.  Considering a new job with preschool bilingual. exciting, some fear.  I reconnected with a Friend who I met traveling in Greece  She’s from New Orleans.
  •  I helped host a food festival and I cooked 288 servings of food (Poutine and tourtiere) in a weekend.  I ended up wasting a lot of food, putting hot food in the fridge….And there was lots of success and it worked really well.  .   Future homestead permaculture food forest

What inspires me:  I hear laughing children outside.  My neighbors have a new baby. There are 4 dogs I’ve seen this evening.  Life is good.  I love where I work and who I work with. The hardest thing about living will be the kiddos I’ve been teaching for so long, and not so long.  Mr. Chase, I wish you were my dad.  You smell so nice.  I’m sure I’ll meet new ones, but these kids are pretty great. I’ll miss my garden plot at school. Volunteer plants….its hard to survive Vermont winters.  Lots of great things to look forward to.