Full MOON ZOOM ~ April 22, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ April 22, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ April 22, 2024 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio


The Full Moon Zoom team this month: Selena, Jack, Deanne, Jo.  We watched the 3 min Strawbale Studio Vimeo, and the EARTHxTV Series “A House of What?!” Episode 206 featuring Strawbale Studio!  It was a small group and we talked informally for a while, then moved to a “go-around” of “What’s alive in me”.  Below are some notes from our sharings. 

NEXT MONTH:  Group Brainstorm getting Jo’s Strawbale Timberframe done.

Future Months:  Potential resources   Inspiration / Deanne. From Michael Mallon  Sun Goddess Particle Video 1, Video 2 It’s Confirmed! Earth Has Been Hit By Mysterious ‘Goddess’ Particle.   Article
 Jo.  Slippery Rock Permaculture Teacher. Hidden skills. Composting toilet. Beet Kvass.  David Jackie. Permaculture.  Deanne lived at Gap Mt. Permaculture land a few years before.


Selena  (What’s alive in me)

Blackberry winter  It will go into the 30s tonight. After the blackberry winter, they can start planting.

I’ll be back in Oxford the following Friday. Hopefully, the next full moon potluck I’ll be there in person. I’ll see if I can get Brenda to come too! So I also have been trying to plant a few things because my husband stays here in Alabama. He’s asking me to get some plants that he can’t kill. He killed Aloe Vera last year by watering it every day. Lavender outside and aloe vera. I’m going to try to put it in a place where he won’t be tempted to water it. Aloe vera are so hardy. They just seem to survive and thrive with neglect. We just got them the other day, and I need to put them in bigger pots.

Jo   (What’s alive in me)

The blossoms are on the blackberries now.  The earthworms are coming up.  Daffodils, forsythia.  I pick up the earthworms and put them in my compost bin.  (Deanne:  We processed the worm composting trays outside. This week!)

Temptation Honeysuckle are some of the first to bloom. The first dandelion bloom of the season!

I miss the Building Colloquium at Thunder Mountain. Intentional Community there. They used to send me emails. I haven’t had a newsletter from them in a while. A lot of people coming and hosting workshops: slate roof, thatch roof, etc. Up for 8 or 9 years.

One of the reasons that I’m behind on my trail work is because my dog is not trained yet, she’s still on a leash. With her, I just can’t do that. We’ve had a lot of wind recently, so a lot of downed things. Three holes, cherry tree, mulberry, and elderberry. I figured out where I was going to plant those. I came in and got my dowsing rods, one of them I had to move about 3 ft. I got the sod removed and a good circle for it. Tomorrow morning I’ll go out and get the trees planted. I’ve got about 9 blueberry bushes, everything was so muddy still here. I put a fork or shovel in the ground, and then I have to use my foot to shove the clay off my foot, then the shovel, then my foot. 20 more blueberry bushes coming in May.

My cat is recovering quite well and still on antibiotics. She now has run over the whole house, rather than just a little section of it after the surgery. I’ve been starting a new book called  “Miller’s Children” a non-fiction story about teenage murderers and how at one time in the USA if you were 14 and you killed someone, you were given life without parole without chance of redemption. There is now a federal law that prohibits that for teenagers. The factors that are likely to lead to teenagers committing murder. There’s enough information there to know where the danger areas are and where we can make in our culture. As teenagers, they’re impulsive and don’t do a lot of thinking. They’re thinking short range rather than bigger picture. The author has all kinds of degrees and his vocabulary is pretty extensive. Some technical information and examinations for court proceedings. Interesting and challenging read. Looking over my list that I communicate with in the prisons. I’ve been noticing their birthdays and the year they went into prison as teenagers. There’s always stuff going on here!


(Responding to Jo’s discussion of the Millers’ Children) We had a school murder in my town. 4 students killed and 4 others wounded.  His family being charged and his mom and dad. He got life without parole as a teenager, if there’s a federal change in the law. “A Miller hearing”. Miller was the last name of one of the teenagers when this went into court. They had a Miller Hearing in September of 2023. They considered exactly what Jo was talking about and it would not violate federal law. The student in Oxford, MI was somehow an exception to the rule.

There’s a work-trader here for the month. There were two. Kate and I have readjusted to being just the two of us. We’ve been doing really well being together, communicating, and cooking. Balancing is going really well.


Planting lots of berry bushes (haskap and blackcurrant), here at my parents, kiwi. Thursday will be the last day of the semester in grad school …And I’ll make pizza with my sister. I passed my certification and I am now a level 1 teacher from a provisionally licensed teacher.  Jacks mom comes on the screen, and we chat about Jacks’ awesome qualities and sharing of their land and the place they live. Peer Review Portfolio.Lesson Plans, Essays, Videos.   “All Roads Lead to Humanism:  An Analysis of Learning Theories”  Kenyon Interfaith partnership.  Co-hosted by Jack “Welcoming the Stranger”.  “A Teachers Gift is her Bond.”  Jack celebrated his 6 months in a relationship with his own Kate.  Went to Quebec together 2s.  She’s super adventurous, living in Europe 3 or 4 years getting 2 degrees in engineering.  She speaks Dutch Spanish and German. We are really good at philosophy conversations and she’s my adventuring buddy.  She works at a school for high functioning kids, very humane.  Life long goal to start an outdoor education center. On April 7 we got 2 feet of snow!



Potential resources for this month: 

Inspiration / Deanne. From Michael Mallon

Sun Goddess Particle Video 1, Video 2 It’s Confirmed! Earth Has Been Hit By Mysterious ‘Goddess’ Particle.   Article

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Jo.  Slippery Rock Permaculture Teacher. Hidden skills. Composting toilet.

Beet Kvass.  David Jackie. Permaculture.  Deanne lived at Gap Mt. Permaculture land a few years before.