Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 26, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 26, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 26, 2024 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

Mar 26, 2024 Full MOON ZOOM

Some quotes of the emerging themes ~  then the full sharing below.  Deep & wide, as usual 🙂

  • RE Hogan:  How do we regenerate a future that really works?
  • Madison Murdoch: In Law School is studying Indigenous Legal Orders.
  • Sooz:   listening to & valuing the voices of NATURE and First Peoples WISDOM to guide us.  The Rights of Nature.  U of D Mercy. DETROIT BIONEERS CONFERENCE
  • Jack lightning.   Ice Hotel. Hôtel de Glace – Québec
  • The New Story  & The genius of our own authority.  Thomas Berry

Below is our sharing with each other… of “What is alive in me?”….and then a sharing of “What is inspiring me?”

RE Hogan:  South East Ohio Biocultural Region. Athens area.  Having a great time starting, planning, organizing multiple groups on the New Story.  Regenerating Life Video. Films.

First segment.  New Story.  Dynamics. 3 1 hr. Sessions.  Regenerating Life. Bullfrog Film

https://thomasberry.org/the-new-story-1/   Thomas Berry

Starting a parallel group in Athens to organize ~ segment by segment, water dynamics. A deep dive….a fresh way of understanding who and where we are at.  Center for Ecozoic Studies.  Deep Time Network. How do we regenerate a future that really works.

Watched the video as a group New Story Group watched the video on zoom.

  • Inspiration Share: I’m very excited that Deanne has nurtured and kept this gathering alive, for the years since Covid. And before that You and I have had our BIG personal talks. Great to see you all and your continuing energies unfolding. What a blessing: our larger earth family showing up, connecting, creating beauty, and repeating. The inter-generational qualities. Thank you for staying with it and wading through the complexities of birthing a new Ecozoic .era.

Letter from an organizer. 2nd intercontinental attempt to revive the nature of Europe.  European Union Natural Restoration Law
Various dimensions of GREENFIRE. In just 20 minutes in looking at the mail, inclusively linking up the concept of regeneration to Europe. Center base in Croatia: starts in 3 days.

Deanne: Could be connected to circular economy. Keep us posted!

Deanne shares.  Bioneers – panel on Recycling and panel on Strawbale Detroit.

Jubilant Jo:  David Jackie wrote the forward to the Coppice Book.  Attended together one of the first Permaculture Workshops in the country.  Gap Mountain Community.  Hybrid Poplar…fast growing and near the house.  Willow shoots…4 black willow trees now! Humongous trees now.  Blueberries as beiNg as my armstretch.    We PLANT IDEAS, MOVEMENTS, INSPIRATION, AND EVENTUALLY WE WILL BE ABLE TO HARVEST THOSE IDEAS!

Deanne – A wonderful full moon potluck last night. Maybe 30 people attended. A lot of Detroit contingencies, some didn’t know each other. Some new peeps wanting to do strawbale. Black food network: farming and gardening. Babies and children. Some stayed overnight, and one stayed into today. Hard to be interactive for them and also get my taxes done. Two wonderful women coming in April, I haven’t met them in person yet. Looking forward to being with them and getting things done. Work trade month. Work on the buildings. Feels good to me and to work with them. This year, there’s going to be a wedding here. Robin’s got an event that we are developing as a reunion for a group that used to meet here when she was in Michigan. There’s a number of events that are giving form to the year and focus too in wanting to finish things up and make them beautiful.

Planning the year, doing reports. I’m in a head place. I’m happy to have time for it and worried to get through it as much as I need to before people are living here. There’s a video that’s going to come out that was filmed last year at the strawbale studio. I’m not going to see it until after it airs on EarthX. The name of the show is called “A house of WHAT?” Very divergent houses: airplane, etc. Sculptural strawbale. Fun to film with, made buddies with them. Angxitement looking forward to the film. The people editing it are not the same people who filmed it. Available for public viewing (but only for a limited time?)

Angxitement = compassionate communication.

Inspiration Share: Bring into Bioneers, evolving strawbale. My name is out there associated with Strawbale in this region. I’d like to be of some help. I’d like to coordinate and connect the people who come to me. Bringing people together for a panel on recycling. The recycling system is not working well. Everything that I purchase, what can I do with this glass? At Michigan State University, they have a resource recycling center, and they’re deep into it. I feel like we’re quite a long way yet from pulling it together in the USA. Who’s doing is successfully in Europe. I think people want to recycle.

Madison Murdoch

DoG!! He’s alive in me. Planted some radish, spinach, and broccoli yesterday. We’ve been working on embodiment: being present. Present not just up here (in the head). I went on a jog last night. Saw the moonrise; it inspired me to hop on the Zoom tonight. I just ate some pizza that I made last night that was pretty good: the key to a good pizza is a really hot oven. My platonic partner “Tess” went to go do some earth sculpting a month or two ago.

Lived in a teardrop trailer. They’re called “big woodie” when made out of wood.

– concerned about mass incarceration, worked with the prison creative arts program at U of M.

Inspiration Share:

Canadian Juris Doctor: indigenous legal orders. The Anishinabe creation story. Speak to elders about: water rights, etc. Truth and reconciliation recall (similar to South Africa).

Undergrad at U of M. Law school: University of Detroit Mercy and University of Windsor.

Deanne: Truth and reconciliation act. These are interested in social justice and environmental things.

Jack.  mesh fabric.  Reading St. Augustine.  Reading in English and perhaps in Greek.  Share later the slide show of ice Quebec.  Eclipse is coming up.  Students will go home early….I am thinking about permaculture homestead design.  Coppice, tree hay.



Peggy Sooz

Staying with the trouble. A decision not to try to fix things. My oldest cat George (at least 24). He’s definitely old enough to die. He’s still enjoying life. He’s very smelly, very demanding. Saw a doctor for a regular checkup. He’s thinking he heard a-fib. He gave me an EKG just after and did not find it. I got an appointment the following Friday for a great heart doc. I was freaked out. I was kinda freaking out with all the traditional doc. I’ve got an old fashioned heart monitor. That’s kind of meh, but I’m doing it and I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

I’ve got this font out back. There’s a hole in it. It just emptied out. The animals love it. I’m just observing them. I’m just deciding that it’s okay. These things are as they are right now. I’m deciding not to do anything about it. That’s what I call staying with the trouble.

Gaia Singer Woman (local indigenous) from Saskatchewan. A Grandmother Begins the Story. Like no book I’ve ever read. The humans are talking, the animals are talking, everyone’s conversing. It’s very unique. Animals and humans talking is going on in my life. The book was partly reinforcing that inspiration.


Any plans to try to live within limits. I have caution: please consider indigenous experience, consider also non-human wisdom. These are crucial wisdoms. The rock, the trees, indigenous communities, the world. These are the things that have lasted for eons, generations, etc. They advise how to continue to survive. Connected to the book: A Grandmother Begins the Story https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/123204565. I’m well inspired by it.

The rights of nature. Come to Bioneers this year in mid-October. The rights of nature are really getting more attention: Ecuador, etc. It’s ramping up.

Robin Mallor

I’m feeling quite good today. Deep breath. Juice fast (3rd week). I like to do juice fasts every spring. I long for it as I eat my way through winter. I got the Norovirus like a bolt from the blue two weeks ago. I had throw up and diarrhea all night long, and that was the start of my juice fast. I had a tooth extracted, so that worked out with the juice fast. I don’t know how I’m going to eat anyway. $6000 for a tooth implant. Tooth brusher and flosser, etc. Two doses of arnica before the surgery and two doses after. Hardly any pain or bleeding. I feel pretty good all things considered. My sister’s husband just died. He’s about a week older than I am. We’ve become the elders. I feel bad I couldn’t fly to Chicago to be with my nieces and nephews. She didn’t need me she had her kids there. If she really needed me, I would go. Joseph Walter: was one of the most kindest and chartiablist men I’ve ever known. Ran the business charitably, whether they were making a profit or not. A fantastic memorial in Chicago. In the Jewish tradition, if you notice someone has more money than you do, you can go knock on their door on Sabbath or the day after. The people would knock on the door while I was there often, and he would hear them out and often give them a donation. The Walter Foundation, my sister presides over the Walter Foundation. If you make money, you should give it away. When they had more than they needed, they made this to give away. Immigration, Judaism, etc.

Robin:  To RE.  For our time the word was Organic.  Now word is Regenerative.

Robin : Prayers.  All About Suffering, Restore My Soul  Act as a trigger for me soul.  Starting day with Yoga and Prayers:   All About Suffering, Restore My Soul.  These act as a trigger for me, for my soul.

Robin Mallor lightning round:

You’re all inspiring me tonight: each and every one of you. I’m enjoying the books of a Rabbi: Rabbi. I’m reading him with my prayers in the morning. In my morning prayers, I like to speak spontaneously. I like the companion book that brings me to that point. All about Suffering. Restore my soul. An outpouring of the soul. By Rabbi Nachman. I must start my day with yoga and prayer.

Jubilant Jo

Alternatives to Violence Project – Greenhaven prison in NY state. Small group of prisoners who had been transferred after the Attica riot. How to keep kids, young teenagers out of the prison system. I am the volunteer correspondent for the volunteers here in NY state. I have around 200 people on my list. One sent me a couple of pages about the government and electromagnetic fields, electric cars. What if there’s an EMF that disables all the electric stuff. Some of the people will be released. There are two people being released on the 28th. Once, I learn someone is being released, I give them my personal contact information. It’s primarily an experiential workshop: a team of facilitators. Very involved: one would be concentric circles. We give them a question. The person asks the question and then the other person does. Then everyone on the inside moves one place to the left, so that you’re with a new person and a new question. Sharing with a lot of people in that way. We do role plays, hassle lines. Everyone in one line is a landlord and other the line is the tenant who can’t pay rent but needs a home for himself and his family. Just someone on the street. Whatever you got in that bag outta be theirs. Building on trust and communication. Powerful program.

Letters to the parole board or two attorneys. It’s hard to summarize. I’ve been involved since just after it started in Greenhaven Prison. Been with it for almost 50 years.

Cat is slowly recovering from surgery. 4’ diameter pen. Cat is now okay to be loose inside the house. Wilda my dog continues to be a challenge. Highly intelligent, incredibly physically active. Has a screw loose somewhere in the brain.  Having some trouble communicating. I often think of contacting an animal communicator, but I always think of inopportune time.

Insurance company has canceled the insurance on my house because of the damage done by wild animals. Maybe have to find a new insurance. How much damage? A wild animal. Timber frame strawbale house that is still under construction. It was just a real mess. Animal got in, maybe raccoons. Got inside and didn’t know how to get out. Mating couple in there and they played tag all over the place. Tremendous amount of damage to the strawbale. Mildest winter we’ve ever had (or one of them). Over the weekend we had 14” of snow. Daytime temperatures above freezing: difficult walking. I do have one bare spot right outside my door. 3’x6’ with bare ground. Within the next 3-4 days, it will probably be melted off. Up in the 40s today. Settle down in the snow and much compact and wetter than it was.

Health has been good. Good eats and lots of it. On 29 acres, I have lots of chance to run around and play. Order of blueberries was supposed to arrive today. There’s a sled by the road for them to deliver it. Spading fork in about 4” before I hit ice, so it’s too cold for gardening.

Share of inspiration:

A while ago when you brought up coppicing. My connection: David Jackey, who wrote the foreword, etc. David and I attended together one of the very first permaculture workshops in this culture. He and I have known each other for many years. In an intentional community. Soon after I moved here, I planted some hybrid poplar, near the house. There’s plenty of firewood here. Distance is important, and it’s a great source of firewood. I’ve been here now 23 years. I’ve always liked Norway Spruce. Since I moved here, 4 have survived. From a long distance away, I can see where they are. I’ve always like black willow, but I discovered near the far back corner. On my neighbor’s land, I found some branches on mine. One branch down low, 18 inches sprouts: 4 black willow trees from those. Blueberries are now taller and thrice as wide as me. As we plant, we share ideas and plant ideas. We allow inspiration to grow and eventually we can harvest those ideas.

Plant until you are planted!

Kathy Patterson

I’m by the freeway. I have to be out by the road to get enough signal for video and audio. I just became an AZ real estate last week. I’m still a nomad in my van (right there!) in the summer months. I’ll be back in MI to see my new grand baby. My mom will be 90!

So I’m three hours earlier, lots of sunshine. I bought this so people could come visit me. It’s a long way from friends and family, though. In a few minutes, I need to go to an event to meet new people. Vanlife half of the year for the past five years. I’ve come to the full moon potlucks a few times in person. I appreciate being on the list. Maybe I’ll see you in person in August.

Haven’t hardly met anybody. Hopefully meet some people at game night tonight. Heading into Phoenix every once and a while. Stayed the whole week in Phoenix to figure out car insurance, etc. Here there’s not great wifi. This is my 3rd zoom call on this new tablet trying to get it all up and running. Just talked to the park manager about wifi, and now I stand outside to make it work. Northern Utah at ranch and animal rescue in June/July. It’s too hot to be here past mid-April. Remet with an old college friend. Faith community. Getting my feet wet there. I still have my business, biofeedback, etc.


20:37:06 From Jack Chase to Everyone:

Future homestead permaculture food forest ~ an evolving vision by Jack

20:38:50 From Jack Chase to Everyone:


21:17:48 From Kathy Patterson to Everyone:

I need to sign off. Nice mtg new people & seeing you again Deanne!

21:24:46 From Deanne Bednar to Everyone:

 https://thomasberry.org/the-new-story-1/   Thomas Berry video on the New Story 

21:43:22 From Jack Chase to Everyone:


21:47:26 From Jack Chase to Everyone:



    Inspirational Books:  “All about Suffering” . “Restore my soul” . “An outpouring of the soul” . By Rabbi Nachman.

21:54:43 From Jack Chase to Everyone:
A Grandmother Begins the Story  by Michelle Port

22:02:33 From Jubilant Jo to Everyone:

    Plant until you are planted!

22:03:17 From Madison Murdoch to Everyone:

 Reacted to “Plant until you are …” with ❤️