Full MOON ZOOM ~ February 25, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ February 25, 2024 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

Feb 25, 2024   Full MOON ZOOM notes by Deanne

Participants:  Sooz, Sarah. Deanne, Robin joins us for the first 20 min from an airport, coming back to VT (no Jack, in Quebec.  No Jubilant Jo, cat to vet), We diverged from our usual format, and had rich free-flowing conversations !

Emergent theme: Learning about our commonality & synchronicity in herbs, plants, natural building, places, people, projects, studies, aging!  We are needing a Story that is big enough to hold us in these times. 

Notes from our chat:
I am in the airport, and have been traveling to see my 100 year old father, and intern friend from Three Roods Farm.  I also spent time with my sisters son who really likes to be with me.  It was sweet.  He is talented and has many interests regarding land and community, and I listen and support!   Now I am on my way back home.  

Sarah; Borage seeds +++… planting for the spring, outside in plastic containers, coming up! Deanne mentinos she got Blue Vervain seeds, and looked it up online, finding medicinal and “magical” traditional uses for the plant.  Michael Moore. (Jim McDonald brought him to Strawbale Studio where he taught an herbal class) Sarah studied with him.

Sarah is a biologist who studied phytopharmacognasy   Sooz shares her understanding of the relationship of Rockerfellers to funding for  medical training that was not whole plant research.  DB shares her connection with Abby Rockerfeller re composting toilets in VT during sustainability program MA in Social Ecology at Goddard College in 1979.

Sarah studied (and taught?) at the Sustainable Systems Program at Slippery Rock PU  University in PA, and that was where she met Jubulient Jo who was teaching Permaculture there!  Sarah learned Permaculture from Lee Harrison from Australia. Field crops and plants. Sarah prepared the site.for the Light Clay workshop I attended at Slippery Rock PU, led by Thomas Hirsh!

Deanne visited Abby Rockefeller, who was importing and selling clivus multrum composting toilets from Europe and using  one it her farmhouse .  She showed us the tray/drawer at the bottom with the dry compost left from 6 months of processing!   Barabara Putnam (who attend the full moon zooms on occasion) also had a Clivus Multrum I got to see. Barbara, a Graduate from MIT in architecture, and field faculty to me for the Social Ecology Program I attended in 1979-80 at Goddard College in VT.   During that time I also did illustrations for the The Envelope House Book, with drawings of a house Don Booth designed & built, that had a clivis multrum.  So I saw 3 of them in action that year.

Sarah saw other Composting toilet systems that worked:   Dave Jackie’s at Gap Mountain Permaculture,  Doug Clayton . Jude Gregory. Little Cabin. Water restoration on the back. I lived on that land for a year, and knew David and Doug through that process.  I know in detail the solar composting toilet system Doug designed and built. In fact, I used it!  And also drew illustrations of it.

Deanne: Thomas Berry, the New Story,  

Sarah: Thomas Berry!  That was the person I did my Thesis on!  I love him.  I was brought up Catholic, then I met Thomas, who teaching in the Catholic tradition and studying and teaching about Religious History. I felt resonance with his awareness of and relationship to nature, and the Ecozoic Era.  Those things inspired me. We met in numerous settings, including Genisis Center (DB – sync)  He was so full of joy and enthusiasm about the shifts happening of people coming together, of progress, of the wonders of nature.
Deanne:  Lois studied with Thomas Berry and helped out at Genesis Center, too. I learned about Thomas Berry from Lois.

Here are some links from a previous Full Moon Zoom” about Thomas Berry & the New Story: 2018 pdf of that New Story, with beautiful paintings to accompany, which emerged from the Quakers at Cambridge, as shared by R. E.
”The New Story… all are invited.  we will need a lot of translators.” 
“The Great Work, our way into the future.” by Thomas Berry 3 min video.
R.E reads to us from  Chapter 14     Study Guide for the Great Work. 

Deanne:  The different ways people from different traditions are aligning about a new positive world coming; Carolyn Koch says that her “Intuitive” sources predict that 2024 will be challenging, then 2025 there will be a big shift toward the positive.   In another, but similar, view: the Age of Aquarius is said to be evolving;. “Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding”.. And the Native traditions who talk of the Rainbow revelations and desire to share their knowledge with the world.  From many traditions, the same sort of story. Is it reading the future, or hoping for this type of future?  I don’t know.

Can we feel some peace that we have contributed in our many and various ways over our lives? We elder women….

Sooz shares an experience of imagining death, that came from the Emergent Network. David Shelburne. “Feeling connected. Lay down on the earth. Know you will have your last breath soon. Feel the earth, becoming part of it.”

She has lots of files.  I share my appreciation of my “20 Favorite things” I”d like passed on. Favorite concepts. Sooz likes to let things evolve.  DB suggests that the things she most values allows for evolution, like Permaculture.  We listen to each other. 

Sooz suggests that Oakland University. Sustainability might be interested in Lois’s files.
DB: She donated her body to Wayne State Medical program.

Sarah shares to Sooz:  Having something pickled everyday has changed my life! Thanks Sooz! Things stored in vinegar. Pickled Beets. Pain affects my capacity to think clearly beyond the immediate. ginger, garlic and fermented beets and water, salt. Sandor Katz ,  Fermentation!

Sooz values Beet Kvass and takes it daily.  We talk about the difference between pickling and fermenting. Deanne looks up Beet Kvass recipe.

Sooz:  I learned about it from Jim McDonald. That guy changed my life, in a way. When I was working at Upland Hills EAC we would set outside and talk.
Deanne shares that she came down with shingles while Jim was slated for a heart transplant in Scotland.  (Stree / illness)

Sooz: Detroit Zoo has biodigester for herbavors and carnivors.  Jo  has a composting T. system.  We can talk about that in our next zoom !

Ah, the flow of life in us, through us.  “Life goes on within us and without us”  Beatles.