Full MOON ZOOM ~ Jan 24, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Jan 24, 2024

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Jan 24, 2024 1047 836 Strawbale Studio

Jan 24, 2024  Full MOON ZOOM 

Participants:  Jubilant Jo, Deanne, (no Jack, hosting a party!) Lianna, Sooz, Sarah.  

Emergent theme (plus so much more in this dear and deep connected time together, sharing)

“The Future is the Worlds Largest Art Project that we are all co-creating together whether we know it or not.”  DB 

“Its all there! Microryzal web, the Trees, its all there!” SC

What’s alive me What’s inspiring me
Jubulent Jo Her hand got hurt by cat who had a spasm. Permaculture.  Dance, singing, cats, appreciation of the land, highlands above the Mohawk river valley, snow clinging to the trees, see the structure showing up !  To see the incredible sense of seeing and smell of my dog.  And whole 65 lbs lunging into the snowbank…hearing a mouse under the snow blows my mind.  Impressed with the medical knowledge to taking care of me and my dog.  The functioning of the body, mady up of molecules from the soil, magnificent.  Seeing the moon getting bigger and bigger…seeing the moon light up the clouds. Inspired with prisoners planning to work with youth when released…wanting to do workshops, counseling.  Finding ways to address in a positive way. Have plans for when they get out to help the youth.My son will dedicate $40,000 to move ahead the timber Frame home.   For materials and help.  My ideas are not limited, but my time and energy is!  There is always trail work.

Im watching where trails go, established by deer. 29 acres, and 5-6 mowed, orchard or blueberries, and rest is various stages of succession.

Now I have a lot of maple trees…which will make a good sugar bush sometime.

Jubilant Jo Started a permaculture organization I will live in the timber frame. I helped do the notches and such after Sarah Highland lead a class with 3 students.
Sooz I’m going to be 80 in a few weeks!!!  There is a lot of good stuff in the next 20 years.  I’m going to be a heap of trouble to a lot of folks.  I like to read and be engaged in a lot of stuff.  I sing with a couple of good groups.  And there is a lot a hard stuff going on in the world.  I want to work with others with this. Something has always reached a hand out to me, saying “take it”. We have lost a lot of friends… long time friends over the years.  Hagatude.  A cross between a Hag and an attitude. Reimagining the 2nd half of life. Reading it with a group, and getting a lot out of it that way. Clockwise and Counter clockwise circle to get to know each other at workshop – alternatives to violence.   It started in NY state and spread worldwide.  Earth Charter.   A common destiny for all.     I was part of a Unitarian Church and things changed and I had to leave. And that lead to an invite to an international zooming group exploring a whole other way of being.  Being in relationship with what is going on around us. Drs and dentist and chiropractors said “no vaccine”.   I lost friends, thinking I was endangering them. I’m inspired by folks who see this planetary change.  I want to know what the trees think about this.  I have a good relationship with the trees outside my windows. I’m learning about the whales and all, to learn and listen, as humans. There is something rising, and I am hopeful in that.  This community, mostly black and community is just getting better.
Sarah I’m 82, and walk a mile a day in all weather with my dog!  I’m appreciative of it. I look for some news to keep me informed to the whirl-winds.  I feeling razors, attitudes, opinions…and I’m tired of it. I’m going to work on the election. I’m eating pickles every day, thanks to Sooz.  I have grandkids and I’m so lucky for the activities.  So I walk my dog.  I have just planted a zillion wildflowers in little greenhouses. I appreciate the full moon zoom. And you are keeping me attached to the earth I admit. Inspiration: Situation – I get gratification of talking with people I meet on the street.  Everybody has issues and everybody calls me.  I was consumed by it all and I couldn’t take it any more.  So I am going to help people vote.  I will do that.  There is so much overwhelm in the city.  So I will plant wildflowers. That’s what I am going to do.  Now folks are asking me about my plants and sharing. Making ripples!  Being true to myself.
Deanne Fixed the Propane burner.  Hand fixed with all sorts of strategies.  Empowering. Appreciative of healing & fixing! Inspiring:  Nate the tow guy. Co-creating.  Initiate, respond. I’m hopeful, happy, connected, safe, mutuality, share reality.   Ideas on the front of the notebook.
Lianna Sharing what’s going on!  Community. Scheduling to get out in the world and connect. X co skiing!  Started a singing circle.  Walking neighbors dog!  It helps me out, I love to walk. Inspired in the car towing situation above, which could be stressful, and turned it into an opportunity for connection.