Full MOON ZOOM ~ Dec. 27, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Dec. 27, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Dec. 27, 2023 230 172 Strawbale Studio

December 27. 2023 Full Moon Zoom 

Emerging themes, lots of challenges for us all over the last months.  Illness, death, gray skies.

“Things can change, life has a way of surprising us.  ”
“The ever constant changing of the land is so invigorating. Love & appreciation for Nature. ”
“I want more light, music, community! ”

Joy, Angela, Deanne, Sarah, Jubulent Jo…came together to share “What’s alive in me” and “What’s inspiring me?”

Joy Prior  What’s alive me What’s inspiring me
Friend, Bonnie. Testing waste water for covid most accurate.   Gave up on communal living, Mom died and then brother died. We might return to the unity place.  A spiral.  Until it includes everything and everyone. Radical inclusivity. Unity people. I feel today, so I hurt. And 6 months ago I had a fall with a dog.  This time bruised an ankle.
Homeopathy.  Took Arnica.  I’m trained in that.  There are these messages that I am mulling around ….that I might want to claim.  The last 18 months have been very intense.  Mal adjustment to a sick society.  I’ve had chronic illness since a child. Resistance to pain causes more pain.  Ram Dass.  talks about that after his stroke. Accepting these things as part of life, then wondering…where to next.  Wherever you go, there you are!  Low income housing in Ypsilanti . tax credits expired. Years of trying to start intentional community. There are advantages to being solo. To maintain body and mind, I have a lot of rituals. I have ideals about sharing resources. Living in a trailer or tiny house, zoning doesn’t allow it.  Can I be at peace with what is. I’m feeling more peaceful in recent months.
I share Joys anger, pet sitting different homes, driving interstate.  Angry when I see all the buildings.  Then I open on the trees and clouds.  The winter skeletons.  Looking for houses without lights.  Grateful for that, let go the angry. Wrapped pink lights around a flagpole.
Jubilant Jo Never want to move again. Prisoner, a facilitator, asking them to be with you.  If we put the philosophies together we would look like one circle. What’s alive me . My new dog, hasn’t been trained She’s so smart.  I’m communicating with the Alternatives to Violence. 25 emails the other day.  Limit my spring buying in seed catalogs. On Christmas day, my daughter in N Carolina and we opened gifts together with a zoom-type platform. Draft around the door, I”ll put on a seal.  I’ll have to live to be 200 years old. Always stuff to do. The ever constant changing of the land is so invigorating. Even the evergreens are different colors, and the tree structures each unique, to create the forest and field communities of so many different species.  Sometimes things come in that change the balance.
Love and appreciation for the land.
Deanne  Theosophical Society. Religions a place for many needs met, support, to be seen, A lot of gray weather. Gray funk. covid Tuning into the cats.Inspiration from her own imagination.
Angela.  I belong to a unity church, and interested in BaHai. They hold it in a big movie theater.  I was sick for a month.  I have a warm weather Sicilian background. And Jo Jo 1/2 irish, and likes cold, damp. I”m feeling a lot better than a few weeks ago…a few illnesses back to back. Stress,  Ill have to move out of my space.  I had a floor, its affordable, and I have a few months. I had a nice Christmas with the family. Spent quite a bit of time with my daughter, went to lunch, a woods, makeup store…when I saw her to take gymnastics, I found a bike on the street. 20 speed Schwinn!.  I Drove to my moms house…and she helped me.  Had a nice outing with my daughter and her friends, jumping into a foam pit.  I’m here to take care of the dog on a daily basis.  A full week.  Feeling better about things in general.  I might be going on a date with this handsome guy from facebook!  That will be interesting. Diana from SBS potluck.  DMSO . 1 to 9 water.  Diana Friends Kathy has a mom who needs care. Takes away pain, and help things absorb more deeply.  Use for organs/ transplants. Dementia, alsheimers. Dianna gave her the camera.  (because what people are going to put on the skin.  Living alone, I could de-stress.  Living in overlapping space is more comfortable than living alone. I like to watch a PBS – Rick Steves travel show.  I get to see other realities, and hope I will get to experience sometime.  In the future I might have the freedom to get out there.  One year I was whisked away to Ireland. Unexpected.  Things can change, life has a way of surprising us.  I get inspiration from my daughter, really happy, experiencing new things.The animals, The dog, gets excited!
Sarah Stevenson  I agree that community is an important need. I’m in a funk.  I sent a present to a dear old friend and she’s made at me.  So I closed her out. He thought he was going to die and I’d hae to take care of the family.  Airport called him re having so much valium.  It feels like things are unfurling in a way it shouldn’t be. So Im going to be a puppet in the New Years Parade.  Gray skies.  I miss nature and the greenery. His blood pressure is very high. A lot of my community is far away!  As we age, things move apart in a way. A friend in Deleware.  I want some clear skies.  I’m in Pitsburg.  The whole world seems weird. Inspiration:  I want light, community.I”m a biologist, would get angry going to the Bird sanctuary.   Light warm, caring connection.MUSIC makes it a safe place. Typed in jazz, cool west coast jazz.  KCSM llivestream.  Researched which was the best.  WRCJ 90.9.  Classical morning and jazz.  KCSM.