Candle & Crafts Class ~ Dec 3, 2024

Candle & Crafts Class ~ Dec 3, 2024

Candle & Crafts Class ~ Dec 3, 2024 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

What a lovely time together for Candle-making & Crafting!   A nurturing flow, joyful interactions, and sharing.
Candle dipping was mellow, with gentle music in the background. Some experimented with the wax:  A SPIRAL CANDLE, Sculpted candles, in the shape of a PYRAMID, a BALL, a BEAR! And creativity flowing with the COB Candle Holders & sculptures!  A TREE decorated with colored berries, Pinecone pieces as a repeated decoration. And so many other explorations as well as the simple, smooth tapered candles.  Ah.

Two previous intern, Claudia and Elise, from last years ‘ month-long Winternship came to the class, and we got to connect and catch up a bit.  I am so delighted that the group has stayed in touch with each other.

There were folks new to the Strawbale Studio, and that was sweet, to get to know them a bit.  They toured themselves around the Strawbale Studio, and got a sense of the place.  Melanie’s daughter is in a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling group.  Michaela teaches art…and uses art to teach other subjects in a playful way to youth!  Monique, loves nature, studies herbs with Jim McDonald, harvested wild rice!

The conversation was rich …as folks shared …working at a community garden, teaching young people from Detroit, using art as a way to teach other subjects, Much weaving, and overlapping and enjoyment during the process of crafting, candle-making and having lunch.

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