Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov. 27, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov. 27, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov. 27, 2023 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

Nov 27, 2023  Full Moon Zoom

Emergent theme:  Gratitude for connection with land, with the life and death cycles, and for our time together.

  • “This is my Meditation Group.  I am so grateful to have this place & time together.” 
  • “The Earth Knows My Name.”  The land and the Mycorrhizal Web connect us wherever we are. 

Participants:  Robin, Margo, Jo, Selena, Jack, Sooz. Deanne

“What;s Alive in me?” “Whats Inspiring me? 
Robin – The Ayahuasca ceremony from September is still very much alive in me. I went again (hoping to go with Greg). It’s catholic as well as indigenous. The drinking of the ayahuasca is very much like a communion. Looking at the video again, it would be a beautiful place for a ceremony. Perhaps the building could be rented out to groups. Rather than coming out to build, people could come out to enjoy the space, and you could set the ground rules. It could be a really perfect spot for what this group does with their ceremonies.- It’s such an interesting thing. Many tribal groups in South America: peru, ecuador, columbia, brazil. They’ve been using it for thousands of years; it’s not hidden. It’s not secretive like here in the west with hallucinogens that were abounding in the 50s and 60s. It has its origins in something deep and naturally forested. There were Christian, Catholic, conquistadors that brought the religion that has since been incorporated into the ceremony. The music is so beautiful. My prayer when I first went there was that it would reconnect me with the peace dances from long ago. The music was being made by the people there. It’s a Brazilian beat: maracas, guitars, drums, flute. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ll go back if my husband goes, and I don’t want to go that far down the path without my husband coming with me. I don’t have the farm any mre that inspired me.  Now where I work, I am inspired by the aids and healers that help at work. I am inspired by the consistency of their LOVE.  I would rather be inspired by nature.  My granddaughter inspires me.  Now I get in the car to go places, and walk in the suburban area.  I feel disconnected from my beautiful farm.  I was always in debt on the farm, the loan.  Without my sister to finance this place I wouldn’t have anything.  Burlington, 3 Palestinian young men, quaker school and universities, having a thanksgiving dinner….and a person in Vermont, shot all 3 of the boys.  This is the trade of the farm to live in this city with such a reputation.  But real estate doesn’t devalue.I am inspired by the sense of continuity with you elder women. Your story of being closed out of the church.  My Babaji…spiritual leader of 35 years…I went to see if I still resonated. I had a hard time.  The daughter, the leader, doesn’t need me.  I feel free, no expectations from that group. As we get older…we still have a relationship with our community, we still have our minds and bodies. I thank you for holding this space.
Margo – about to move full time to Southern Michigan- I was born on the East Coast in NH in Hanover. My dad was the village manager of Lebanon. I grew up mainly in the Chicago area, and I still go back and forth. I bought this property in Southern Michigan about 14 years ago. I’ve renovated an old farm house. About 16 years ago, I took a class at House Alive: 10 days of cob building. I took a cob oven building class in Tennessee. I really want to build some cob cabins and buildings on my property: 26 acres and half are wetlands. I have a lot of cattails! I have a house, an old pole barn, one side of a road and 9 acres on the other side of the road. Near a spring-fed lake. A wooden barn on the other property. The pole barn, I wanted to renovate it too with maybe strawbale. It’s a big mess right now. I have done a lot of shamanic trainings over the years. Foundation for shamanic studies. Reiki master teacher. Worked with crystals and studied Feng Shui. Painting and other parts. I grew up in inner city Chicago without much knowledge of farming, my grandparents were farmers in Europe: Poland and Romania. I took a permaculture course. I don’t know a lot of stuff. I keep trying to learn things. I would like to have animals here at some point. Traveling back and forth from Chicago and here in Michigan. Family issues in Chicago, taking care of them. Dad passed, and mom is still there. Spending a lot fo time with mom (90y.o.) Sacred water on my property. I saw the stream that went past it; that’s a sacred stream. I’ll buy it!! I put an offer down the next day. An aquifer under the property and springs all around. Intuitives have mentioned that water will come up with enough prayers.

– Just north of the East side of Elkhart, IN. Right near Carter Lake. 3 miles north of US-12. 14680 Carter Lake Street, Jones MI. Visions of Native Americans, teepees, wolves.

Deanne: Quite the journey in front of you in relating to that and nurturing it.

What inspired me…all of you, and your paths forward.  It’s so important to have people who show the way.  Some folks have passed in my life, who held journey circles and land. I am called to where people are coming together.  I’ve wanted to create a labyrinth.  Sedona, and Chartes Cathedral.  I don’t know where to start…if anyone knows how to do that.  I’m inspired by the sacred land, south of a crance reserve.  I’ve seen sandhill cranes go over.  We have coyotes and smaller animals.  There are a lot of people leaving the earth plane.  A friend committed suicide a couple months ago. I appreciate everybody and see the Strawbale Studio and people in the next year.  Feel it.
Jubilant Jo – new dog: wilder. Very intelligent and very aware. Little training with a harness. Within a couple of minutes, she backed out of the minutes and was out of the harness. She ran out of the barn and was loose for 3 days.- rescue shelters that need people to adopt dogs. Nobody would respond. Humane society in Herkimer: looked like a very good possibility on a weekend. Somebody else had already adopted it.

– about a year old, 4 different homes.

– she did quite a number on some of my chickens when she was loose. I was giving some hunters’ scraps to my dog and chickens.

– Earlier in Nov., alternatives to violence annual meeting. I have attended regularly for years, except for the pandemic. 3 years without going during that time. I met two people there whom I had corresponded with for years while they were in prison, so that was really super. They presented me with an affirmation poster. Many of the prisoners had signed with appreciation for my correspondence. Thanksgiving morning, there were 18 emails (usually only 3 or 4 per morning), all saying Happy Thanksgiving!

Deanne: The phrase itself: Alternatives to Violence, is so nice.

The Land is inspiring, and all the aliveness of the changes of the seasons.  I am not alone, I am in relationship with it all
Peggy Suze Death is alive in me. I’m at an age where I am losing a lot of long-term women friends. The good news is that they have lived full lives, basically healthy. Giving a lot and getting alot in life. No fear of the mystery: ready to embrace the unknown. I’m inspired and reassured by that. I’m kind of learning a lot from some amazing men. Stephen Harrod Buhner: his last book before he passed. He’s quite a mystic. He’s experienced this other world. The world that really is that most of us rational people don’t see or get in touch with. The way he talks about it is very alive. The men that really saved my butt when I got discharged from the church community I’d been a part of for 35 years. It took a lot to get rid of me, and they did it. It’s really a good thing because I had moved on (on the inside). That’s the only way I would have gone. I do miss some of the people. Just the magic: last night, Deanne and I shared a memorial for Lois Robins. At a magical place, the magic and the snow. The first snow! I drove in that first snow; at 80, I don’t drive that far. Life is very full. On Thanksgiving, I cooked. I was tired from all that preparation. I got onto Netflix to engage me while I laid on the couch: 6 feet under. I’m watching it again: death industry. It’s so well done. I feel a lot of magic afoot. Zooming workshops Bayo Akomolafe (from Nigeria and lives in India): exploring different ways of being, the trickster, the mythology. I’m finding that very helpful. A lot of good stuff in my life. I want to add a being to what’s alive… He’s in the dying process.  It’s really precious to have this time with him.You older women are AWESOME!  The Earth Knows My Name….a book, that idea, a relationship we have.  Even though I am in the triangle of some really big streets.  I have this land I love, I’ve been in relationship with for 35 years.  The Earth Knows My Name.  The land and the Mycroryzal web connect us wherever we are. The 3 women who passed were very engaged, didn’t suffer a lot and were open to the MYSTERY.    Robin.  A Hospice Doctor Karen Wyatt.  END OF LIFE UNIVERSITY.  Interviews.  

Steven Harrod Bruhner – another author of awesome books

Selena A circle with 4 quadrants. What’s alive in me are some parts and not others: physical (activity), mental (Zoom with people all over the world), spiritual (that’s what you are, you’re my church), dietTonight we talked to our daughter for about 15 minutes. “I need to go into my meditation class.” I just enjoy all of you. I look forward to bringing out the spiritual side of what’s alive in me.


The Unlikley Yarn of the Dragon Lady  by Sharon Mondragon  a book about women our age who have a prayer shawl ministry.Its a most interesting book.  I knit, and don’t exactly pray, but I give myself over when I knit.  The Prayer Shawl Companion.  About starting a Prayer Shawl ministry.  Look at that lap robe!  I am inspired by older women who give back how every they can.  Because they had to make them in the mall, they had to come back and have them prayed on in the church.
Deanne Stephen Covey, week planner from decades back. Sharpen the saw: don’t saw with a dull blade. Make your cuts effective: Physical, mental, spiritual, social/emotional. Category: Deepening, what to deepen?Suze and I were at a little gathering for our friend Lois, who is just really probably one of the most amazing people in our community. And Joan Tinkus who died this past month too. In the ceremony, in this little building that’s a sibling building to the strawbale studio. We shared the posts! Chris Tar and ___ her husband, made a Pinewood Sanctuary. Sitting around the sacred circle in the middle. This ancient love: from our Gaia Women’s Chorus. What a deep song! How much it evoked is beyond words I can express it. Music carries the words to a deeper, fuller place. About the love that existed before all of our religions. The sacred love was born long before she wrapped her arms around the hills. A sense of dimension and love for me. I’m not specific in my religious beliefs. It does evoke just a deep possibility of what existence is. In this way that was really connected to her: to women, really. That brought me to a particularly alive place within myself. I like that very much.

What’s been my daily existence here has been funky. I didn’t have heat until last Saturday. House was about 45*. What system should I get? How can I afford it? How am I going to double my income this year? And having to make choices while being very unaware of life. Some people do “know”. Our mind can get that this is not a knowable thing and our minds can work to help us cope. As long as it can serve the whole, I’m good with that. Bless our souls: we need something to get through. A lot of reflection. Looking for things that I can hold onto. The age of aquarius is coming through: the whole cosmos is going to just take us. For 2500 years, it will bring us into a reign of peace. I’m ready for that! Things are filling in. Things are filling in, and I’m learning a lot about myself. I’m deepening within all of that angst. It’s okay, though okay’s not an adequate word.

Women and how they died Joan and Lois. Inspired by the way they died, in the way they wanted, Joan:  supported by friends and Hospice, visits with friends, the playing of classical music, and readings.  Lois:  In her beautiful home.  Fine that morning, then passed at noon.  Being attended through the last years and month by friends, support aids.  Ah.
Jack I have never prayed so much in my life.  Reflecting on Robin’s sharing of wanting Dances of Universal Peace. Friends went canoeing, and it snowed and froze.  They survived with the kindness of a stranger.  And all had a good time even with the pain and difficulties.  Margo, I am so excited on your journey with your land.  A stranger has been asking my dream occupational scenario.  A wandering education on a Permaculture orchard.. Like Soccrates (and Deanne).  Jubilant Jo.  I spent days with 2 dogs, Percy, guard dog wanna be.  And Roland is joyful and squeals with joy.  Peggy, I too was tired over thanksgiving, and weary over the cooking and grateful fo that.  Selena, my 14 quadrant chart.  If I would choose tw.  Gratitude and humility, and maybe moderation.  This too, is my meditation class.  Deanne, we shared some music.  You shared how music deepens words.  I’ve been doing a lot of writing.  A photo and the person, and what I write about us and them.    I’m energized in mind and tired in body.  Goodnight!