Full MOON ZOOM ~ August 29, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ August 29, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ August 29, 2023 1600 1200 Strawbale Studio

29 August 2023 Full Moon Zoom

~ The photo on this Blog is Jack at 7 years old with his great great uncle, 50% Wampanoag indian, during a screen share on our zoom gathering ~

      This was a very sweet zoom….with Jack, Jo, Sooz, Sarah & Deanne. 

      Sharing of hope, visions, grief, life wisdoms.  Ah. 

Jack imaginesFuture Homestead Permaculture Food Forest and invites the rest of the group add their ideas.  A magnificent process.  Full of hope & spirit.  

Deanne mantra at the dentist:   “I’m here, I’m present.”  “Friendly curiosity! Gratitude! I’m in good hands.”

Sarah shares: “Life can be good.  The super blue moon over Texas Gulf of Mexico. …elegant.  Little tomatoes in pots, warm from the sun.  The grandchildren.  Borage. More than Blue. Borage for Courage. The world is a place to dance. “  

Jo lost her dog, Ace yesterday:  It’s like loosing your right side. (Sarah)

Jo:  Quality of life is important to me and its more than just the heart beating.
“When the pain of seeing them suffer is greater than the pain of loosing them….”
I have found that has been useful for me during my life. I put my hand down to pet him and he’s not there.  The sky is so big and the quaking aspen sway in the wind.
It comes like a wave., feeling the grief and sadness and loss.  And then there are still things to do.

Here’s what we do….we share “What’s Alive in me…What’s Inspiring me.  

Participants What’s Alive in me What’s Inspiring me.
Jack Thinking of changing career from teaching.  A friend suggested I consider, choose what in life I find beautiful.  Running it past his father….about running a permaculture farm.  A 32 page doc of what I want to do on the homestead…..what will be produced on the garden….and other things, architecture, water flow, zoning.  Not wanting to feel limited by zoning, but appreciating it.  How do I start this as soon as possible, without the money.  Sources of income….last page.  How can I make this dream possible.  Jo.  internships that they pay you.  Or hire and you pay them.  1) Farm tours, CSA, plant farm, buy plants, youtube chanel, (Myth…Centaur says : you learn while you walk and you talk while you walk.)  Pre-prepared picnic baskets on farm.  Sell fermented, pickled, furs, friend, crafts by loca people and get a commission. Herbal teas.  Passive:  you pick.  Discount, and pick extra products, using a farm as a venue. Square dancing, concerts.  Water Turbine.  EV charging, paid to sequester carbon.  Hip Camp.  (DB.  DB, sooz, finances.  Admin.) Sooz:  Native Tribes.  Great uncle. 50% Wampanoag. And they recognized him from the powwows!  Sooz, to return to native food.

At the Ren Faire last weekend. Opening up some land in mid michigan for a viking alliance village to be built. Already 6 buildings there, they asked Deanne to help with thatching there. In exchange, they offered to host a table for Deanne at the Ren Faire.

They’re feeling the constraint at being the Ren Faire. Under new management means no overnight stays for vendors. Also disallowed to have fires.

They did open things up to have the viking village where people used to stay overnight, but there are constraints. They have to have gas flame, and they made it look nice, but it’s not what they want.

No restrictions yet at the viking village? Kind of along the line of hipcamp and thinking of the native american connection too: maybe something that is a freeform village… an occasional.

Mark Angelini and Alison are friends of Strawbale Study in Virginia now. Art and agriculture, mount run jam. It’s probably one of their big money makers. They’re awesome people and now starting a family. Another way to bring the community together. Mission statement of community.

Find someone on the marketing / publicity side to free me up to do the work efficiently and effectively. Some granting to get me off the ground.

https://culturesforhealth.com/blogs/learn/yogurt-counter-top-yogurt-starters-video?_pos=2&_sid=ffffdb08b&_ss=r mesophilic yogurt

Shane and Levi

– classes in boats on the water

– tapping the trees

– social ecology classes

Yesterday on my 77th birthday, I went down to Ohio with Rhonda and her puppy. Get my grandmothers treadle sewing machine before it gets put in some auction. My uncle died at 98 this year. His farm is where my family would go for christmas and thanksgiving. My coins’s a year younger than me. She lives in a care facility down in that area. Get the treadle sewing machine, I was born and raised in Archbold Ohio, where she got the dog. All sorts of synchronicities like the name of the road was her mom’s maiden name.

I got in a snit with her and jumped on top of her and said things like “Oh, yeah, you can go at the stop sign, stupid.” And I just said things that I never said to anybody. I just went off and we got whacked off. Twas a pretty heavy day. Let’s just let it go. Oh! The cat is crawling behind the books on the bookshelf. I stayed overnight at her house, and went to the dentist’s in the morning.

Age and teeth wearing down. Getting my grandma’s sewing machine even though I have 3 here, and I’ve given away more before. When I said to suze, nurture is being together, I had the feeling that I would rather be hanging out with Rhona having problems than being alone. I’ve lived alone a fair amount of my life, but much of that was when I was teaching 170 kids in a day. You don’t know how you’re gonna feel in a few years. Just you know, reflective on life.

Interns coming in in a couple days. Ren Faire on Sunday. Puelo, Paul Baudette. Spooncarver, you’d enjoy each other, Jack. The viking village with all those crazy vikings with tattoos up their necks and furs wanting to learn how to thatch. Getting grants from the university of michigan for earth plaster in university of detroit. SO cool! Last minute planning of a workshop on 5th September. And I’ll get paid $500!! I used to get $300 a day when I taught. And now when I get $300, I’m cheering. I have 2 pensions coming in and I’m not complaining just noticing all of this. I’m very glad that I get to eat every day and sleep every day. And I have a kitty. I have some good friends and some good friends nearby getting closer.

When I was at the dentist, they were working on my mouth. Things were going along so well in my mouth, and I say to myself: “I’m here, I’m present.” Friendly curiosity! Gratitude! I’m in good hands.

I feel satisfied with having contributed, expressed, and had some great friendships along the way. Very grateful.


I’m very good at coming up with a lot of ideas, but I find that it’s difficult to get other people involved in projects. I’ve planned a workshop here and often no one registers or comes. With Sarah Highland and apprentice, and three other people besides myself for the timber framing workshop. The rest of the year by myself cutting all of the timbers, the mortises and tenons.

I have this handy timber carrier with 2 bicycle wheels, so you can put a large timber in it. 24’ 8×8. I cannot get one of those on the timber carrier by myself, but I can certainly carry it anywhere on the property by myself once it’s on there.

Even with hipcamp, I don’t have nearly as many people coming to visit these days. There’s more competition.

Awesome Ace the dog passed away from cancer. He helped to pull some of the weight around. He was a service dog with the chemical sensitivity that affects her brain function. His vest carries a zipper pocket that has emergency information. It affects speech. I can imitate: speech lowers in pitch and she can’t get words out.

If she has a dog that’s physically good and has a good temperament, she can train them to do this. I used to teach dog training classes years ago. Private lessons and classes.

The burying tree (a pine) with the cats, dogs and chickens buried there. It takes quite the person to dig a hole wide and deep enough to bury a dog that big.

As part of construction and numbers, they built raised beds in a greenhouse.

It’s something I’ve faced with many animals. Quality of life is important over the fact that the heart still beats.

Deanne on NVC lesson: Tom Bond on his dog Harpo: His relationship with the dying of this dog. The vet said, the dog will let you know when it’s time. I don’t know if that’s true, but it has a reassuring quality to it.

Many years ago my mother said, “when the pain of seeing them suffer is greater than their loss, then it’s time.” I certainly have kept myself relatively healthy for a lot of years. Even the vets didn’t pick up on this cancer after being in several times in the last few months. I put my hand down to the floor just stroke him and he’s not there.

The clouds have been beautiful and yet I can see the distant hills. The quaking aspen is shivering at other trees. Just always watch the trees and the different shades of green. The wildflowers: when I mow, I let them grow and mow them a few weeks later.

Mohawk Valley Collective. In addition to our landscape maintenance, if there are other projects, Thursday or Friday when the asbestos abatement project had done earlier in the year, they put them on top of the organ bellows that had just been restored. Powder post beetles in them? Being asked that, and if you have time, room designed to spray the wood for powder post beetles. We’ve not been treating them at all. We put them out separate and put them on heavy plastic. Somebody will be treating them this week.

Deanne: Liquid borax is non-toxic and if it’s sprayed in. Spray the foundations when the house is built; it stops the beetles forever. I’ve used it here treating something that showed up after 18-20yrs of the building. Seemed quite effective. Be careful, but I feel okay about it. Penetrates really well: all made up. I tried cedar oil and other things that I found more natural and it just wasn’t doing it. Borcare really made a big difference. A regular person in a regular way, it would be pretty gone by now.

Intelligent goats are always trying to escape their enclosure.

Peggy Suze I’m thinking about all of you. What’s alive in me? In spite of many obstacles, we met my granddaughter and many grandkids at the lake. I watched the transformer blow and the power went out just then. We didn’t get power back until Sunday afternoon. Luckily, a dear friend Ronnie Fare, she and Jay were together for a while. She came over and fed the cats and even brought a little lantern that she kept one night so that the house wouldn’t seem so empty. It was so wonderful to see my granddaughter and the kids again. They’re at the age when their involved in stuff at school and in their community. I feel reconnected. There’s nothing like that but in person experience. Lots of obstacles to overcome all of them. He was so good at it. We left with power gone and brian he had a battery that was charged with solar panels. We didn’t even lose much food because of it being plugged into the freezer. All 9 cats were good, the newest one, Griffin was keeping the others entertained. 3-4 months at the house, very young. They do very well together. Griffin is quite a character. I met him because I was headed over to Griffin Gardens with big speed bumps on the way there. Well, I was talking and this little black kitten was running toward my car. He was all muddy and wet, I picked him up. I carry sardines to give to people on the streets, and Griffin got them instead. It looked like he needed a family. He’s very rambunctious. He wears some of the other cats out. We’re all too old for him. This is his family. That’s how he acts. So good to be home, just started raining. I didn’t have water, pulling in tomatoes and greens and rhubarb. Some onions and garlic. Feeling really grateful for the way things turned out. The sky was FULL of stars. I haven’t seen a sky like that in I can’t remember when. Life is good. It really is. Thank you for asking. Feeling engaged with everything.
Sarah Stevenson

The fabulous, feisty five! In order to get things done around here, it feels like you need to get approval from the mayor.

Super blue moon in Texas right now. Sounds just marvelous. I’m mystified by computers, and I apologize for Zoom, which is threatening to be the end of me. Many meetings on Zoom, and now it won’t let me add video.

I just walk in the backyard with my 3 plots every day. Warm and unwashed tomatoes right in my mouth. I love it. The taste of smoke from Canada. I feel so blessed to be able to do that: the mana from heaven. Grandkids going back to school. What are you going to do for the rest of your life when your life is almost over? It’s not at all as scary as it sounds because it really is a happy time. Slowly working step by step out of the covid isolation. The last of social skills that fell onto my head during that process. I became a widow just before it happened, so I was super, super alone for a couple years there. Learning not to scare people! I just had a doctors appointment: I think she was testing me for Alzheimers: talking real fast with scientific lingo, and I really had to work to keep up with her. I think I fared well. It’s a stretch, everyday’s a new challenge. Doggy with Kushing’s disease and a bad hip. That’s my bottom line and I’m sticking to it.

Everything I wrote down had to be in scientific form. I very much appreciate the teachers who allow the humanity and sensitivity to come through. I keep trying: thank you for your encouragement Deanne.

I love fresh borage flowers, and I need to find a way for them to overwinter. If I eat three blossoms a day, I feel no anxiety. The world is a place to dance. Borage for courage.

Boron itself is a poison that farmers used. Sometimes the farmers used too much and poisoned their fields. There is an extent to what they can use “safely”. They couldn’t use the fields for several years and let the fields lay fallow.

“Life can be good.  The super blue moon over Texas Gulf of Mexico. …elegant.  Little tomatoes in pots, warm from the sun.  The grandchildren.  Borage. More than Blue. Borage for Courage. The world is a place to dance. “


Team Chat


What is matsoni yogurt?   Matsoni starter culture | Startercultures.eu   Matsoni is a mesophilic yoghurt with a somewhat thin, custard-like texture with notes of honey. For a mesophilic yoghurt, it is relatively acidic, but as a whole still quite mild.

Jack Chase: types of yoghurt.  Viili, Filmjölk, Matsoni, and Piimä   https://culturesforhealth.com/blogs/learn/yogurt-counter-top-yogurt-starters-video?_pos=2&_sid=ffffdb08b&_ss=r

Jack Chase Presentation on Future homestead permaculture food forest  

Timber Cart from our conversation in May 2021

Jack Chase  https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/eclipses/2024/apr-8-total/overview/