Full MOON ZOOM ~ Aug 3, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Aug 3, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Aug 3, 2023 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

July Full Moon was opened, but no one came into the zoom!  I am more organized about posting it this month!!

August 3, 2023  Full Moon Zoom…was a lovely time together…with Jack joining us mid-way through.  I didn’t take many notes this time, oops!

Jack came back from France, and shared a gesture of his experience with photos and videos!
Each person contributed out of their experiences and heart.  We love to come together this way!

Next Month’s zoom is scheduled for Sept. 27, Wed 8-10p  Info will be sent to those on the listserve.
You can join the listserve from strawbalestudio.org home page.

What’s Alive in me!  What’s inspiring me!
Jo Blueberries!  Seizures,Helper dog is getting old.  Back legs failing.  Lots of events around the property and with projects! 
Sooz  Hope!  In things that I am seeing and reading!   New Kitty, rescued.  Sweet. Sleeping with me in bed.
Sarah  Death Term for man who attacked a Synagogue. My family lived in the areas where Jack was visiting in France!  What’s alive, is getting together with folks like on this zoom.  Sharing together. 
Deanne Full Moon Potluck, with lots of interactions between folks…connecting Starhawk, Winona Duke, Grace Lee Boggs. Falling asleep before end of the evening and waking to a dark house with all gone.   Inspiration…intern and folks who come, with dreams, and skills and kindness!  
Kennedy  Being with family, old plants and new ones.Delighting in being with her sister.  Making plans and exploring continued wwoofing.   Once we start to reach community out more and love, who knows what might happen. The small interactions of love, It’s powerful stuff.  The group “Life after Hate”.  
Jack  Returning from France…so much alivened.   Sharing pictures and concepts from his trip to France!  Castles, Host families, Immersion Language exploration!