LEARNING TOUR ~ July 1, 2023

LEARNING TOUR ~ July 1, 2023

LEARNING TOUR ~ July 1, 2023 1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

What A lovely day, being with 3 sets of folks who are enthusiastic about natural building.

  • One person Emily, is an clay artist and designer, who wants to sculpt a Cob Home someday.  She brought her husband and dad to share the experience with, They may become her building partners! An Earth Oven or little Pottery Studio might be a great place to practice skills!
  • Mary would love to weave together her many interests in education, nature, gardening, food into some sort of Learning Community!
  • Mike has lots of construction and fix-it skills & land, was raised on a farm, and is enthusiastically ready to build a little Air BnB Cottage!

Ah, dreams.  Someday they may say “Another Dream Come True”!

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