Sculpting a Cob Face!

Sculpting a Cob Face!

Sculpting a Cob Face! 1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

The last day in June, 2023, Rowen came over to learn about COB!

What is Cob? you might ask?  In this case we made a sculpting mix from the Clay/Sand subsoil we dug from the meadow.

We tested it right on site and found it had both clay and sand. Yay.  We put it in a wheel barrow and Rowen wheeled it back to the Middle Earth building, where we sifted it with an 8th inch screen, then added water and made a workable mix.  We added a little extra “sharp sand” to make it a bit more sturdy. And then made a little “test Pookie”  that will dry and harden, and we can see how it holds up for strength.  We also did a “Shake Test” with subsoil in a jar of water.  It settles in layers, first the sand, then over hours, the clay.  Our batch was about 60 percent sand, 40% clay.

After making our “Test Pookie” and setting it to dry, we went on to  sculpting,, step by step.  Deanne modeled some steps, and Rowen did his own exploration….a head shape, eye socket, nose, mount…oh, a mustache appeared and eyebrows.  It evolved into a FACE!